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Netflix renews The Sandman for the next installment.

by John Paul
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Despite rumors to the contrary and erased tweets, it looks like Netflix has renewed Sandman for a second season.

Reports from Deadline claim that Netflix has renewed Neil Gaiman and DC Comics’ The Sandman for a second season. DC’s official Twitter account accidentally revealed the renewal before quickly deleting the tweet.4

The deleted Tweet seems to have revealed the following comment too soon.

“The dream continues. @Netflix_Sandman will return with new episodes based on multiple volumes of the Neil Gaiman graphic novel to explore even more stories of the Endless.”

A comment from Gaimain was later used in Netflix’s formal confirmation of the renewal, saying:

“It gives me unbelievable pleasure to say that, working with Netflix and Warner Bros., Allan Heinberg, David Goyer, and I will be bringing even more of The Sandman stories to life.”

Gaiman added,

“There are some astonishing stories waiting for Morpheus and the rest of them (not to mention more members of the Endless Family to meet). Nobody is going to be happier about this than the Sandman cast and crew: they are the biggest Sandman fans there are. And now, it’s time to get back to work. There’s a family meal ahead, after all. And Lucifer is waiting for Morpheus to return to Hell….”

The Sandman, which debuted on August 5, 2022, was acclaimed for being an accurate adaptation of the renowned Neil Gaiman comic book series following Dream, a god-like personification that governs over people’s dreams in a realm named the Dreaming.

Dream is played by Tom Sturridge. The other cast members are Boyd Holbrook, Jenna Coleman, David Thewlis, Gwendoline Christie, and many others.

Season one included ten episodes that were all taken straight from the comics. A special eleventh episode, split into two parts, was published two weeks following the first season premiere. Now, fans eagerly await the second season and what it will bring to the screens.



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