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New Forspoken trailer unveiled at TGS.

by John Paul
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Square Enix and Luminous Productions unveiled a new trailer for Forspoken, which was shown to kick off this year’s TGS. Tokyo Game Show will allow fans to attend the event in person for the first time in a few years. It is an exciting development that has raised many expectations among the gaming community. As a result, the Tokyo Game Show 2022 schedule was packed with streams from major publishers and developers like Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and Capcom.

Now, Forspoken is getting another look as one of the first trailers for a major release gets a showcase at the event. The game portrays Frey, a young woman living an ordinary life in New York. She is the protagonist of the open-world, action-adventure title. However, Frey’s life quickly goes from ordinary to extraordinary when she is transported to the magical land of Athia and is tasked with saving it from corruption.

This story appears to be the focus of Forspoken’s new trailer. The new footage is about two minutes long and does not yet have an English translation. However, some important details about Forspoken’s story and gameplay can still be gleaned from it. Fans get a closer look at two of Forspoken’s dragons in the first few seconds of the trailer. While it is unclear which side the dragons are on in the game, Frey will almost certainly have to face at least one of them as they can be seen soaring above the corrupted areas of Athia.

The new trailer seems to center on this corruption’s ideas, as the people accuse Frey of Athia of bringing darkness to their lands. Frey appears to have difficulty making friends in Forspoken’s world. She is accused of furthering the corruption that has taken hold of Athia in multiple scenes with different leaders and NPCs. However, some believe Frey and her magical bracelet Cuff could be useful in Forspoken.

It was already implied that Frey would be pitted against some of Forspoken’s authority figures in the game. Still, with the release of this new TGS trailer, fans can see how that relationship might evolve over the course of the story. Frey appears to be out to prove herself to those who believe she is the source of Athia’s corruption. Only by breaking the curse can she prove herself innocent.



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