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New XXS and XXL Creatures In The Latest Pokémon GO Update

by John Paul
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Due to the latest update, Trainers can now discover and acquire extra large and small varieties of their favorite Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Numerous uncommon Pokémon variants, such as Shiny creatures with special cosmetic effects and Pokémon with unique attack patterns, have already been added to the alternate reality smartphone game. Players of Pokémon GO will soon be able to seek out a new type of rare creature that is abnormally small or large relative to their standard sizes.

The new XXS and XXL Pokémon size variants were included in the most recent Pokémon GO update to kick off Season 9: Mythical Wishes, as detailed in a blog post by developer Niantic. The new Pokémon forms can transform Poochyena, Mightyena, and Mawile into adorable small or impressively gigantic versions of themselves, giving players of the augmented reality mobile game more options in terms of the appearance of their companion Pokémon. Now that Pokémon GO Pokédexes keep tabs on each Pokémon a player has acquired and their exact height and weight, more Pokémon may get XXS and XXL variants in the future. Players that manage to capture three XXS or XXL Pokémon will be rewarded handsomely for their efforts, encouraging them to set new records in the game.

Variants like XXS and XXL Pokémon add further depth to the Pokémon franchise’s central theme of wanting to gather them all. Shiny Pokémon are already a part of Pokémon GO, giving the pocket monsters a more aesthetic twist with their unique coloring. There is a tonne of Shinies to capture in the mobile game, and seasonal events and limited-time Special Research Breakthroughs are the best times to do so. Players of Pokémon GO will want to start looking for the XXS and XXL forms of Pokémon as well as the standard colored Shinies because of the special prizes offered for doing so.

While XXS and XXL Pokémon are new features, several Pokémon have been given obvious size increases at previous events. For instance, the Pokémon GO Halloween 2021 event from a year ago included the Gourgeist and Pumpkaboo, as well as their lesser pre-evolution forms, Trevenant and Phantump. The game’s new XXS and XXL Pokémon, Gourgeist and Pumpkaboo, may have been made possible because their in-game models are visibly larger than their smaller predecessors.

All Pokémon in Pokémon GO appears to be the same size, which doesn’t do justice to the huge variety of creatures in the series. With the addition of XXS and XXL Pokémon, Trainers will be able to capture Pokémon ranging in size from little and cute to enormous and imposing. Since XXS and XXL Pokémon can now be encountered in Pokémon GO, Trainers should begin preparing for the arrival of these monstrous new additions.



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