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One Clark Kent detail for the new Superman film, confirmed by James Gunn.

by John Paul
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James Gunn shares one Clark Kent element for his next DC Studios Superman film. Despite wearing the costume again for a cameo in Black Adam, Henry Cavill’s comeback as Superman in the DC Universe ended abruptly this week. While Man of Steel 2 was in production, Gunn stated this week that he is working on a new Superman film that would not star Cavill as the DC hero. The script for the unnamed Superman picture is being written by Gunn, and a director has yet to be picked.

While the Superman reboot is clearly in its early stages, fans are already excited to see what Gunn has in store for this version of Kal-El. Gunn has already confirmed that it would not be an origin narrative, although one Twitter user remarked that Superman “meeting people for the first time is an origin story.” The individual also accused the DC Studios co-CEO of being paid by Disney to “screw over the ONE THING DC had going for them,” alluding to the choice not to press through with Cavill’s Superman, and the Guardians of the Galaxy director decided to strike back. Gunn stated that the new Superman in the DC Universe will already be acquainted with other superheroes and key personalities.

How James Gunn’s DC Universe Might Steal a Page From Batman’s Playbook

While Gunn’s revelation indicates a major part of the DC Universe’s new Superman, it’s unknown which people he’s referring to explicitly, whether it’s anybody from the Justice League or the Daily Planet crew. Because Gunn’s new project will not be a classic Superman reboot, the DCU episode may draw influence from another DC series. In Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, which will continue to exist outside of the DC Universe, Bruce Wayne’s new rendition explores the hero’s second year as a crime fighter.

Superman’s history, like Batman’s, has been recounted multiple times in both live-action and animated form. Smallville went so far as to devote a decade to Clark finding himself before he became Superman. The origin tales of Batman and Superman have been repeated enough times for popular audiences to understand how they ended up on their own heroic paths. With Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel being one of the most current retellings of his origins, Gunn’s decision to avoid addressing how Clark became Superman is a wise one. One option to make Gunn’s picture stand out is to have a Clark who is still early in his Superman career and begin the reboot at a different time in his life.

It will be some time before additional clear facts regarding Gunn’s Superman film surface. With Gunn and Safran completing their plans for their 10-year vision for the DC Universe, the script is most likely far from complete. It’s also definitely not a good idea to rush into the upcoming Superman film, especially because Cavill’s exit from the DC Universe is still causing consternation among the online DC community. Once Warner Bros. Discovery has approved Gunn and Safran’s DCU concept, perhaps additional information about the Superman film will begin to emerge.



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