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Players backlash against misleading item descriptions in Tower of Fantasy

by John Paul
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Tower of Fantasy was initially released in China. Hotta Studio released it globally later on August 11, 2022. However, the launch could not come out as smoothly as the developers planned. Not only the studio had to placate players with gifts to make up for the bugs that plagued the launch. Now, another issue of misleading item descriptions is causing the players to backlash against the game.

For new users, Tower of Fantasy is a free, open-world MMORPG game of the same genre as Genshin Impact. The game includes mechanics for open-world traverse and action combat. Moreover, like Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy is also mostly about exploring the world, rolling for gacha, and fighting bosses. Despite the relatively recent international release, the game has already carved out a prominent position as Genshin’s Sci-fi counterpart. However, it’s different, and more customization ability sets it apart from other such games. Additionally, Hotta Studio is about to release a major cyberpunk-themed update, Vera 2.0, at a scheduled date.

Setting aside its success story, Tower of Fantasy is currently under fire from players due to the misleading item descriptions in the games. It is speculated that the root of this issue lies in poor localization. TheGamer reports that some players on the game’s subreddit are complaining about the item descriptions showing inaccurate information.

Yuuwa, a Reddit user, has given an example showing the Samir matrix description. The description is significantly different from its actual effects in the game. The two-piece set effect appears with inaccurate values, while the four-piece set effect is completely different.

Yuuwa’s complaint has opened a floodgate of similar complaints from many other players. We know that Tower of Fantasy excels in many areas, even surpassing Genshin Impact in character customization for many. However, players have pointed out that the game’s localization process seems to be poorly done. There are several items and effects that are listed wrongly or not at all. Despite the complaints, Hotta Studio has not yet made any official statement to address the issue.

Although Tower of Fantasy has come out as a strong rival to juggernaut Genshin Impact, it is still fairly unpolished. Therefore, it could significantly jeopardize its chances of becoming a true and strong Genshin rival. The game is expected to receive more content, along with its Artificial Island update, on September 15, 2022. Moreover, its Vera 2.0 expansion is set to come out further in the future. However, it would be a massive setback if the developers do not immediately correct the game’s current content. Suppose they want to retain the Tower of Fantasy’s player base. In that case, the developers will have to do well in fixing the current issues.



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