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Prey director Dan Trachtenberg teases his plans for Prey 2

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Dan Trachtenberg, the director of Prey, opens up about his plans for Prey 2 and future sequels for the franchise. With Patrick Aison as screenwriter and Amber Midthunder playing Comanche warrior, Prey depicts 300 years before the first Predator movie. The plot centers on Amber, who must face the threat of a Predator invasion in her lands. Prey serves as a sort of origin of Predator’s visit to Earth.

The Prey ended with Midthunder’s victory over the Predator. However, the post-credit scenes open with an animated sequence recreated in Native American hide paintings. The sequence retells the film’s story, leaving the audience in suspense by showing Naru’s tribe watching approaching Predator ships in the sky. The short tease has led fans to speculate on the potential future of the Predator franchise. Now Trachtenberg has conveyed his desired approach to the sequels.

While talking to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Trachtenberg revealed about the animated post-credit sequence. He says that initially, he was looking far ahead, beyond Prey’s ending, to see where the plot could go. However, he stopped short to remain focused on finding the best approach for Prey.

While no one has announced a sequel so far, Prey has become the biggest premiere on Hulu. It means that it is safe to expect a follow-up movie story. Prey has also become the best-reviewed Predator movie. Trachtenberg’s recent comments clearly show that a lot more can be done to the movie and the franchise. Trachtenberg reveals his ideas which show a potential Prey 2 on the horizons.

One of Prey’s many strengths is that not only does it pave the way for sequels that follow Naru’s story, but it opens up the Predator franchise to fill in the gap of 300 years leading up to the first film.

Prey has many strengths. It opens the door for sequels to Naru’s story. Also, it allows the Predator franchise to fill the 300-year gap between the first film and the second. This way, the franchise will have a fresh approach to storytelling with the Predator’s encounters with different characters, civilizations, and time periods. It would be great to see Naru continue her journey in Prey and face whatever Trachtenberg has in mind. However, it would also be exciting to see the Predator leap through history in all sorts of settings.



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