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Ranbir rejected Star Wars for Brahmastra! We will make our own SW, he added.

by John Paul
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The very talented and good-looking Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor refused to take part in the Hollywood franchise Star.

Currently, he is receiving positive reviews for his performance as Shiva in Brahmastra. In addition, his remarkable projects include Barfi, Rockstar, Tamasha, and several others. However, the famous Hollywood franchise Star Wars could also be on his list.

Yes! It could be included in his list since he was offered a role, but he rejected it. I know what you are thinking – why would he reject, right? Was he not interested in expanding his reach with roles in franchises like these? In his conversation with Rajeev Masand, the Bollywood star stated that he was asked to do a second lead role in Star Wars. However, he declined the offer and stated that he is afraid of auditioning.

Further, he went on to say that he doesn’t often find Hollywood roles appealing. However, RK seems hopeful that Bollywood will produce its own Star Wars version. When he was offered the role, RK was working with director Ayan Mukerji on the newly released adventure film, Brahmastra. He said he is more interested in what Ayan Mukerji is making than what Star Wars has to offer.

At last, he stated, “let’s create our own Star Wars and avoid chasing what already exists. It’s wonderful that they approached me, but I have a chance here,” said the Bollywood hero. He believes Ayan is no less than JJ Abrams or George Lucas.

Judging from the positive reviews his recent film is getting, maybe it was not a bad choice. What do you think? Did he make the right choice? Tell us your thoughts.



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