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Resident Evil 4 Remake is ditching RE4’s Most Controversial Feature.

by John Paul
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The best look at Resident Evil 4’s remake has been revealed by Capcom. However, developers have hinted that a staple of the action-adventure genre would be mostly absent from the new version. The 2019 release of a reimagined version of the classic survival horror game Resident Evil 2 attracted a lot of new players. It earned the series praise from veterans and newcomers alike. Some players, however, thought that the makers had erred in their reimagining of Resident Evil 3, which came out the following year. We can only hope that Capcom learns from their past errors in their next highly anticipated remake.

To the surprise of several fans, Capcom is rebuilding RE4, widely considered one of the series’ best entries. Since its original 2005 release on the Nintendo GameCube, the game has seen multiple re-releases. However, some people’s opinions shifted, and their enthusiasm for the remake increased once they got a better look at it in motion during a recent Resident Evil event. Now, many players of the original game are expecting important adjustments were made to the formula for the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, Resident Evil 4’s producer, has stated that the remade version will feature very few Quick Time Events (QTEs). Capcom’s producer spoke with IGN. Thus we know all this juicy news! (via Eurogamer). The interview reveals that Hirabayashi is candid about the fact. He says in the interview:

“…people have different definitions of what a QTE is… I can say that there aren’t prompts to press buttons mid-cutscene.”

Some PS5 games still employ quick-time events (QTEs), such as the Until Dawn studio. QTEs were common in action games of the 2000s. They required players to react swiftly by pressing a button before their characters were killed in an interactive cutscene. There were instances when these conflicts offered thrilling scenes, such as when one character expertly blocked another’s blows while battling with a knife or when another character famously punched a boulder. In the meantime, further quick-time events (QTEs) would be implemented so that the player may clumsily avoid a falling halberd or big rocks.

The famed scene of Leon fighting his way through an entire village full of enemies was recently seen in gameplay footage of RE4. All the villagers have been given new, more elaborate designs that look nothing like the original. The remake’s brutal gameplay demonstrated that Resident Evil 4 is maybe the goriest RE game to date. As an added bonus, players got a clearer look at the hulking Chainsaw Man in a sequence that showcased Leon’s new ability to reverse a previously lethal attack with a swift button click. In the interview, Hirabayashi confirms that there will still be unexpected times when pressing a button at the right moment is crucial to success in battle. Players, however, need not worry about accidentally activating an unnecessary cutscene.

It looks like Capcom knows what they’re doing with the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake. Less than six months remain until the game’s release, and with RE Remakes and Resident Evil Village now available on Switch, fans of the series have a lot to look forward to.



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