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Ryan Gosling appearing as a poor-stricken “Ken” in Barbie.

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The Barbie-Ken saga is about to hit big screens. Some are expecting to see a cute doll-like romance between the characters. While others are ready for something completely out of the box. Among all these speculations, we’re collecting tidbits from promotional campaigns and interviews the Barbie casts is giving on various platforms.

Here is a sneak peek that we have collected from Rayan Gosling’s interview with Entertainment Tonight. Although it was for the promotion of his movie, The Gray Man, Gosling dropped some teasers for Ken’s role too.

Referring to Gosling’s six packs in Barbie, the host, Lauren Zima, asked which role more required the buff. Gosling mused, saying that Ken’s life story is more challenging than The Gray Man’s. Ken is poor in the movie, with no money, job, car, or even a house of his own. In the same interview, the charming 41-year-old actor also expressed his pride in the character.

Major details of the plot are still a mystery, but numerous photos from the movie set have leaked. We can see Gosling as Ken and Margot Robbie as Barbie in the snapshots. It’s evident that we will see them in retro, throwback outfits inspired by the Barbie theme that came years back.

When the host asked Gosling about the set photos, he replied, “That’s nothing. I can’t wait for people to see the film. That’s all I can say, otherwise, Mattel will come in and box me up.”

Other details of the film that we know are that Greta Gerwig is directing it. She directed Lady Bird last summer. Will Ferrell also joined the project earlier this year. He will reportedly be the CEO of a toy company in the movie.

As for the leading lady, we have gotten only one official look of Robbie as Barbie. She took the role that was earlier dropped by Amy Schumer. Barbie fans might be disappointed because the iconic ‘Barbie Girl’ by Danish pop group Aqua is not added to the film.

Despite all the news and speculations, the official photos of the leading characters indicate that the film embraces the campier side of matters.



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