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Ryan Gosling ruled out the possibility of entering MCU as Nova

by Zehra K
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Last week MCU fans received exciting news about MCU’s upcoming project. Rumor or truth, the sources came up with the news that Marvel Studio is starting a Nova project. The concept of the Nova Corps is already present in both installments of Guardian of the Galaxy.

Later, the reports revealed that the project is basically a limited Marvel series on Disney+, similar to ‘Moon Knight.’ The news says that Moon Knight’s writer Sabir Pirzada will handle the Nova Project. It further fuels the speculation that Marvel’s Nova would be live as a series.

Another story that elated Ryan Gosling‘s fans entailed that he would be playing a lead role in the project. People believed the rumor because he was said to be getting into a live-action movie. But the Hollywood star explicitly put a lid on the speculation. In his interview with Josh Horowitz, the host of ‘Happy Sad Confused,’ the 41-year-old Ryan ruled out the news that he is playing any role in Marvel’s Nova project. However, he showed interest in playing Ghost rider, another known superhero character in Hollywood. Horowitz confirmed the news, tweeting that the rumors of Ryan emerging as Marvel’s Nova is not true.

Currently, Gosling is busy filming ‘Barbie,’ a live-action version of the Mattel toy line. Gosling, the star cast of The Blade Runner 2049, portrays Ken’s character in the movie. Greta Gerwig is directing the movie, while she has also co-written the screenplay with Noah Baumbach.

Margot Robbie is playing Barbie’s character against Ryan’s Ken. The plot details are still scarce, but the actress says the film aims to subvert expectations. She further revealed in The Hollywood Reporter that people will immediately have the idea of this movie, judging by the name. However, she claims the movie will present something totally different from expectations. She hopes the project will simultaneously honor the IP and its fan base while surprising people.

So, although we will soon see Ryan Gosling as Classy Ken in the upcoming movie Barbie, there are no chances that he will be playing Marvel’s superhero in the near future.



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