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Skyrim Mod brings A Lute to cast magic with Custom Music.

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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is still enjoying its time under the spotlight. However, many people think that things will go stale without some timely changes and updates. But Bethesda is currently focused on Starfield, so it seems fans will have to wait for TES6 details. Meanwhile, there are other ways to extend the playtime of this open-world epic of 2011. There are many mods that can add some more excitement to the world of Tamriel.

This time, music will come into play to enhance players’ gaming experience. PCGamer has spotted a new musical addition by a user named Monitor144. He has created the add-on for Skyrim, indulging those who love the combination of music and magic. The mod is called “Bard Magic Overhaul – Cast Like a Bard.” It will enable players to cast spells on their foes through a Lute with mystical powers.

YouTuber Mern has produced a video showing the Lute in action. The video shows the Dragonborn playing the Lute, which emits a spell to damage the attackers. Its ability to add custom music to the game is the most interesting aspect of the mod. The mod description page states it is as easy as replacing the sound file with something of your choice.

It is not possible to be a bard in Skyrim in the vanilla build of the game. However, players can enjoy their inner musicians in other ways using the power of the modding community. This one by user, Monitor144, is a great example of that. “Skyrim’s Got Talent” was also one of the releases that happened last year. The add-on was contributed by the modder JaySpera. Combining both, fans can now wear a lute and exhibit their plucking expertise in Tamriel.

Moreover, there is a wide range of incredible mods for Skyrim. It is possibly why the game is still popular, even more than a decade after its release. Some add-ons twist the game for more fun, such as tweaking the UI or removing the bugs that the developer seemingly oversaw. Then there is the addition of more content that expands things even more.

Skyrim is one of the most celebrated games in history. However, the concern remains that it’s time for Bethesda to give more details about The Elder Scrolls 6. The 2018 revelation of a teaser trailer uplifted fans’ anticipation. But the studio has remained quiet about the proceedings of the long-awaited follow-up.



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