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Snyder celebrates Justice League anniversary with emotional tribute

by John Paul
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Five years after Justice League’s theatrical debut, director Zack Snyder wrote a heartfelt tribute to his late daughter and DC Comics fans. Many comic book fans have a soft spot for Snyder because of his work adapting Frank Miller’s 300 and Alan Moore’s Watchmen for the big screen. Moreover, he was instrumental in founding Warner Bros.’ DC Universe. Despite the generally divided reception to his films, Snyder managed to amass a sizable fan base, with some members even willing to start a campaign to restore his original Justice League vision when he left the project in post-production.

Director Zack Snyder recently took to Twitter to mark the fifth anniversary of the release of Justice League. In an emotional tweet, the director thanked everyone who supported his director’s cut and remembered his late daughter Autumn by sharing a sentence she always signed off with. How The Release The Snyder Cut Movement Shook Hollywood

After the polarizing reception of Joss Whedon’s diverted theatrical cut of Justice League, the Snyder Cut movement emerged as one of the largest and most infamous fandoms in cinematic history. More than $750,000 was donated by the movement to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, an initiative that Snyder has praised. This is mostly due to the movement’s dedication to spreading the word about the importance of mental health and suicide prevention. After three years of lobbying, Warner Bros. finally announced that they would move forward with the project, giving Snyder an additional $70 million to finish the visual effects, create a new edit, and add some modest photography.

However, the Release the Snyder Cut Movement has received a lot of backlash from both the Internet and the Hollywood community as a whole because some of its more toxic members have reportedly threatened the lives of WB executives in an effort to bring about the release of the Snyder Cut. While Snyder has focused his appreciation on the positive aspects of the movement, the negative aspects haven’t gone unmentioned by those connected to the film’s making. In September, Jay Oliva, a storyboard artist on Justice League, spoke out against the toxic side of the fan base. She argued that more “positive discourse” is needed to bring attention to the suicide prevention movement and Zack Snyder’s efforts in this area rather than further tarnishing their reputations.

Many fans are left wondering if and when Zack Snyder will return to the DC Cinematic Universe after the controversy surrounding Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The director recently stated he has not been in contact with anyone since James Gunn’s appointment as co-Chairman of DC Studios. However, Zack is busy “doing my thing” with the Rebel Moon and Army of the Dead series on Netflix. His post demonstrates that Zack Snyder will always be moved by the people that helped bring Justice League to life, even if he doesn’t return to the comic book franchise.



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