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Spiderman spinoff villain gave key spoilers about the film’s ending.

by John Paul
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Alessandro Nivola, Kraven Hunter’s antagonist, has revealed key details about the film in a recent interview. In Sony’s latest Spider-Man Universe movie, Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be seen as one of Spider-Man’s most beloved antagonists. He has featured in comics, video games, and animated series but never in live-action feature films. The villains that the character faces include Calypso (Ariana DeBose), The Foreigner (Christopher Abbott), and Chameleon (Fred Hechinger).

Kraven will also meet a villain yet to be revealed, played by Alessandro Nivola (Face/Off and The Many Saints of Newark). The character will be the main antagonist in the movie, but not much else is known. Other characters may be antagonists to Kraven. However, they will not be the main villains in Sony’s latest Spider-Man movie.

In a recent interview with TVR, Nivola revealed key details about his character in the Kraven movie while promoting Spin Me Round. Nivola explained that his character isn’t a CGI villain but that he will reveal his full transformation at the end of the movie. Nivola also stated that the movie would feature a time jump, allowing viewers to see how the character changes from the beginning to the end of the movie. The actor said in the interview:

“It’s just a great character part, and I didn’t have to do any CGI. I didn’t have to do any green screen. I only transform physically in the final moments of the movie, so it’s just a classic villain role.

It had a really interesting, complex psychology and personal history to draw on. The movie has a time jump in it, so the character changes a lot from the way he is at the beginning of the film. It was as much of an acting opportunity as any other film I’ve done, and I didn’t have to contend with wearing a spandex outfit or anything like that.”

Suppose Nivola’s character alters at the very end of the movie. In that case, it could be that he’ll be a full-fledged antagonist in the next Sony’s Spider-Man Universe movie. Since Sony is following Marvel’s lead on this technique, the film’s “final moments” could be its post-credit scene. Nivola could reprise his role in a future movie. However, Kraven the Hunter may not return if it performs like Morbius.

When other actors have been confirmed to portray established Marvel villains, it’s difficult to identify who Nivola is. It is even more difficult to determine what Nivola means by mentioning a “transformation” in the film’s final minutes. This could be a variety of things. Perhaps the character is so important that Sony is trying to conceal who he is until the movie is released and audiences can see for themselves. If that’s the case, Kraven the Hunter could be Sony’s most exciting Marvel project. This is especially with J.C. Chandor as the director and a star-studded cast.



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