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Star Wars screenwriter Kasdan praises George Lucas’ approach.

by John Paul
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Lawrence Kasdan, Star Wars screenwriter, needs no introduction. He is a legend. Recently, Kasdan opened up about George Lucas’ approach to storytelling. Previously, Kasdan wrote the screenplay for Raiders of the Lost Ark. Later, he co-wrote the screenplay for The Empire Strikes Back with Leigh Brackett. The screenplay was based on the plot developed by Lucas. Finally, the screenplay writer returned to the franchise to work directly with Lucas for Return of the Jedi.

George Lucas on set. (Credit: Alamy)

George Lucas on set. (Credit: Alamy)

Lucas sold Lucasfilm, his production company, to Disney in 2012, along with all the rights to the Star Wars franchise. The deal made a record-making deal worth more than $4 billion. Disney soon began the production of the sequel trilogy to capitalize on the acquisition. Disney once again approached Kasdan to assist with the script for The Force Awakens. He worked with Michael Arndt. and J.J. Abrams to co-write the screenplay for the trilogy. Disney also asked Lucas to consult on the project. However, the former owner of Lucasfilm decided to stay away from the sequel trilogy. According to him, he would’ve been a hindrance since he no longer has direct creative control of the project.

Recently, Kasdan helmed the new Disney+ docuseries with the title Light & Magic. During a promotional interview with Inverse, Kasdan talked about his work experience with Lucas during the initial years of Lucasfilm. The legendary screenwriter suggested that budgetary concerns never impacted Lucas’ approach to the plot and storytelling. Contrarily, he would give everything to the plot like any iconic outside director, focusing more on the best outcome and less on the budget.

George Lucas, flanked by storm troopers. (Credit: Getty Images)

George Lucas, flanked by storm troopers. (Credit: Getty Images)

The Star Wars franchise is constantly expanding with back-to-back streaming television shows and hit movies. It has raised a question in the minds of filmmakers and fans that what approach Lucas will take to continue his most famous story.

Star Wars fans anticipate more original Star Wars content under Lucas’s direct tenure. However, some have shown concern with a possible tone down in his original vision for the franchise. The Mods’ inclusion in The Book of Boba Fett proved that the fans would quickly mobilize against any inclusions to Star Wars lore inconsistent with Lucas’s original vision.

In any case, Kasdan’s comments confirm that Lucas has always been interested in going after the best plot. Sometimes it led the franchise, fans, and all stakeholders to unexpected places.



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