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Strange World’s Gabrielle Union hopes to join the Star Wars & MCU

by John Paul
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Gabrielle Union, star of “Strange World,” discusses her desire to join the casts of “Marvel” and “Star Wars.” The legendary Clade family is the focus of Strange World. They embark on their latest and possibly most perilous adventure to date, which will require them to put aside their differences in order to succeed. Former fighter pilot and matriarch of the Clade family, Union plays Meridian Clade in this film.

Union remarked at the Strange World press conference that it was a “dream come true” to be a part of a Disney animated film. Union told Screen Rant in an exclusive interview what other Disney series she hopes to be a part of. She’d love it if her roles in Strange World, The Inspection, and Truth Be Told would get her noticed by Star Wars and Marvel.

Gabrielle Union: Oh my God, if you don’t say Marvel or Star Wars or live-action, you’d be lying. I want it all, and I have just never been even considered for any of those things. So, I don’t know. Maybe this is my year. I’m fifty; I feel thirty. My face is holding up, my back is holding up, and my butt’s still high, so maybe. I can still kick some ass. So maybe [Strange World] and The Inspection and Truth Be Told that’s coming up will open me up to people seeing me in a completely different light, and I’ll get opportunities that I never had before.

Best Suitable Disney Franchise for Gabrielle Union:

Although it comes as no surprise that Union would like to join these famous brands, the fact that she hasn’t been considered in the past is astounding. Union has proven her versatility by working in a variety of genres, including comedic roles, dramatic roles, thrillers, and action roles. Her voice acting skills are also on display in Strange World. She has worked in many different genres, making her a great pick for roles in the upcoming Star Wars, Marvel, and live-action Disney films. Union’s chances of landing a live-action Disney role increase with the prospect of a live-action Strange World.

Union can find a home in the MCU since it will eventually include characters from across the multiverse, including the X-Men. A few of Union’s Strange World co-stars share his ambition to work with Marvel Studios in the near future. Qui Nguyen, who directed a portion of Strange World, recently admitted that he was drawn to Marvel’s animated Agents of Atlas series for his own reasons.

There is a tonne of Star Wars shows and movies in the works for Disney Plus, making it a perfect fit for Union. She has the chops to portray her characters’ depth, humor, and intensity in any action series, from the realistic Andor to the magical adventures of the Imaginarium. At the same time, her background in the Strange World’s pulpy action setting may make her a great fit for the lighthearted The Bad Batch. Now that Union has realized one of her goals thanks to Strange World, she may be allowed to star in one of Disney’s other major film series.



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