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Superman & Lois star Alex Garfin discredits rumors for the casting of a new Jonathan Kent.

by John Paul
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Alex Garfin, Superman & Lois’ star, debunks rumors that the new Jonathan Kent is already chosen. The Arrowverse trend is ending, and 2022 was a very strange time for The CW and DC TV franchise. The network announced major changes to its slate with the new owner Nexstar. Nexstar now owns 75% of the network. The CW is known for renewing most of its shows every year. But 2022 was a completely different story. Along with other dramas, DC TV shows Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, and Naomi were canceled.

Nevertheless, The CW has a few Arrowverse shows remaining on its slate, including Superman & Lois, which will return for season 3. Superman & Lois season three will be about a major change that surprised many. Mid-August saw the announcement that Superman & Lois star Jordan Elsass had resigned from the series. He has played Jonathan Kent since season 1. There was speculation that Elsass’ role had been recast earlier in the week. Fans noticed the official Superman & Lois Instagram and Garfin (Jordan Kent) following Julian Daniel Rees. The next Jonathan was assumed to be Rees.

The rumor grew in popularity, and Garfin took to Twitter to break his silence to discredit the theory. Rees was not chosen to be Superman & Lois’ new Jonathan. Garfin says that Rees was one of his closest friends in high school. He is also an actor. Superman & Lois had their Instagram account follow Rees because Garfin had done a social media takeover, and Rees had directly messaged him a meme. Garfin simply forgot to unfollow Rees following that takeover, which confirmed that the rumor was not true.

This kind of confusion is not uncommon in superhero movies, where fans try to guess who is playing what role. It would have been a stretch to assume that Garfin was following Superman & Lois’ Instagram account. Superman & Lois season 3, which will begin filming in Vancouver (Canada) in September, is not yet set. It’ll give them plenty of time to find a replacement actor for Jonathan Elsass.

The future will reveal who will play Superman & Lois’ new Jonathan in season 3. Possibly Jonathan could be written out of a few initial episodes if they don’t tap the actor in time. Although Jonathan is a regular series character, he’s not the main character. Superman & Lois may find a reason to have him out of the picture for a few episodes. Intergang is a major season 3 focus for Superman & Lois. Having Jonathan absent for a few episodes may help them flesh out their new villain and take the time necessary to recast it.



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