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Surprising New Information About Star Wars’ Rogue Squadron Film

by John Paul
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Patty Jenkins, the director of the next Star Wars picture Rogue Squadron, has provided an update on the project, which had been rumored to be cancelled. Even while Lucasfilm continues to expand the Star Wars world through various Disney+ shows, the cinematic side of the brand has taken a back seat, especially since Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker flopped in cinemas.

Rogue Squadron, which has had its fair share of development challenges over the previous two years, has been perhaps the most notable project on the new slate.

Despite having Wonder Woman filmmaker Patty Jenkins as its own director, the movie was pulled off Disney’s release calendar, which many assumed meant there were no intentions to press through with the production. In the middle of this uncertainty, Jenkins has resorted to social media to offer her side of the tale, providing followers with a better update than anyone expected at this stage.

In a long Twitter message, director Patty Jenkins provided an update on the status of production on Lucasfilm’s Rogue Squadron.

Jenkins revealed that she first quit the Star Wars project because “it couldn’t happen quickly enough,” but that Lucasfilm actually invited her to consider returning to the project once she concluded her work on Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman 3. She agreed to do so, and Rogue Squadron has “been in active development ever since,” with hopes that the film will still be made.

Is Patty Jenkins Returning to Rogue Squadron? With so little information about Rogue Squadron released, and especially given Star Wars’ current film status, fans were left wondering whether Jenkins would retain her film intact.

But, given what Warner Bros. is doing with the DC World under DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, this revelation might be beneficial to the Star Wars universe. Wonder Woman 3 is only one of several films that might be cancelled or rescheduled under the DCU’s new strategy, though it appears that Jenkins is now completely on board with the galaxy far, far away.

The key issue is when Rogue Squadron will begin production and how it will contribute to Star Wars’ history on the big screen. Even while speculations suggest that fans won’t see Star Wars on the big screen again until 2024 at the earliest, Jenkin’s confirmed return will hopefully help bring the franchise back on track.



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