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The 5 Best Chris Hemsworth Movies of All Time

by John Paul
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Australian originated Hollywood action star Chris Hemsworth needs no introduction. He has explicitly proven himself in the industry. And not just with his pretty face and personality charms, but also with a deep understanding of acting. Though we have seen him mainly in the mainstream film circuit, he seems to be an asset to the industry in the long run.

The brawny actor with features of a mythical God debuted in 2009 with a significant role in Star Trek. Since then, he has steadily risen to fame with his captivating smile and performance. The versatile Hemsworth has proven himself in every niche. We see a different side of his acting in every flick. He has played the quiet protagonist in In the Heart of the Sea and is a fighter in action movies like Extraction. However, the role that actually gave him worldwide fame is pop-culture behemoths Thor and The Avengers.

To celebrate his varied career and the new release Thor: Love and thunder, we figured now is the right time to take a look at his best movies. So we have listed down the 5 best movies of Hemsworth’s career.

  1. Thor: Ragnorak

We cannot begin the list of Chris Hemsworth’s best movies without kicking it start with Ragnorak. The movie was released in 2017, starring Chris as a hammer-wielding God and Avengers member. Chris Hemsworth plays the role of Thor Odinson, the God of Thunder, in his solo franchise Thor. The first two installments of the first two Thor installments depicted him as a serious, brooding Prince of Asgard. The Avengers’ audience received his character as an element of distinction in the chirpy group. However, moviegoers demanded a more vibrant Thor when he had to helm the solo franchise individually. Later, when Takia Waititi stepped in to lead the project as a director, he revamped the entire character of Thir, the God of Thunder. The new humorous Thor gave the franchise a second life. Under Waititi’s delightfully wacky direction, Hemsworth could more clearly express the emotions. In addition, the revamped role gave him a chance to explore and utilize his talent for the right comedy at the right time. Ragnorak was Hemsworth’s sixth appearance in the MCU. But his fresh demeanor made the movie more fun, taking Ragnorak to the top of this list.

  1. Bad Times at the El Royale (2018)

We see a great combination character of funny, unhinged, and dramatically over-the-top Billy Lee in this 2018 flick. The director and writer, Drew Goddard, provided a spotlight to Hemsworth where he could show versatility in his acting. The role of Billy Lee, a handsome southern cult leader, fit Hemsworth like a second skin. The story revolves around Billy Lee, who saunters into the El Royale motel and causes dastardly mayhem and psychological mischief. The audience was awed, thrilled, and chilled all at once by seeing the cruel side of Hemsworth. We would vote the scene as best where Billy ties up El Royale guests. Then he treats himself to an eerie solo dance to Deep Purple’s “Hush” with a plate of pie in hand. He amazingly managed to look both adorable and eerie, showing off his brawns in a half-opened rumpled shirt and disheveled hair.

For those who don’t know, the interesting fact is that Chris began his career with small roles in horror films. These films include A Perfect Getaway and The Cabin in the Woods. So, it is unsurprising that he knows how to play off-kilter characters.


  1. The Cabin in the woods

Hemsworth knows how to take the lead and steal the entire show. The cabin in the wood is a great example of his dominantly charming personality. Drew Goddard casts him as a stereotypical jock and group leader in this dark comedy horror movie. The movie is overall fun to watch. However, what makes it special to enter this list is that it is Hemsworth’s early showcase of comedic delivery. We can see the polished version of this humorous character later in Thor: Ragnarok.

  1. In the heart of the sea

Although Hemsworth is mostly famous for his roles in action movies, we cannot ignore his quiet acting in the occasional biopic. In the Heart of the Sea, Hemsworth got the scope of subtlety and innate charm in his role of Owen Chase. Owen Chase is a humble whaler who enjoys his encounter with infamy and adventure. Suppose you cannot visualize Hemsworth as a pirate type. In that case, this movie gives you a completely different version of the hunk. This movie is Hemsworth’s second biographical drama and collaboration with Ron Howard. Previously, Chris also worked with him after Rush, a Formula One biopic. It is also the first movie where Hemsworth teamed up with Tom Holland. Three years late r we witnessed the outcome of their collaboration in the form of Avengers: Infinity War.

  1. Star Trek (2009)

Before the Hollywood charmer appeared as a famous hammer-wielding God, he kickstarted his career as George T. Kirk. Kirk is a courageously hot space dad in Star Trek 2009. Though he’s the leader of a voyaging USS Starship in the movie, his role comprises a 10-minute onscreen act. IN these 10 minutes, Chris Hemsworth packed quite a remarkable punch for the viewers. He left behind an unintended slew of long-lasting daddy issues for his son James T. Kirk. J.J. Abrams is a director known for adorning his action with heartfelt moments. And Hemsworth successfully blended the complex emotions of fear, love, and chivalry to create a power-packed performance. Although he appeared in the movie for only 10 minutes, people remember his character even now, more than 10 years later.



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