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The Dark Reason Behind The Empires Replacement of Clones By Star Wars

by John Paul
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Recently, a new explanation has been given by Star Wars for why The Empire chose to use human recruits throughout the galaxy. Beginning with the transformation of clones into stormtroopers in season 1 of The Bad Batch – important justifications for the military transition were given. Stormtroopers, on the other hand, suited the new cosmic system well, as the horrifying reason for this was revealed in the Bad Batch second season opening episodes.

Clones were subsequently abandoned in favor of recruited stormtroopers whose allegiance was more prized after serving their function with Order 66. Vice Admiral Rampart, in charge of Project War-Mantle and with the approval of Grand Moff Tarkin, chose this route for the Empire. Stormtroopers are avidly being appointed to replace them and strangely, they are being schooled by the clones – even though clones still make up the majority of the Imperial military power throughout this period of transition for the universe. Rampart also demonstrated why the Emperor himself probably preferred humans rather than clones.

Clones Aren’t Going to Submit To The Empires Corruption

As shown in season 2, episode 2 of Bad Batch, clone force 99 is still alive, defying earlier reports – they had perished in the Imperial bombardment of Tipoca City on Kamino. Vice Admiral Rampart observes that Wilco’s assessment will have to be revised in light of the Bad Batch’s departure after their failed raid on Count Dooku’s citadel on Serenno. He warns Wilco not to mention the rogue squad’s viability as he will suffer the wrath of Tarkin. Rampart shoots and kills Wilco after he refuses to fabricate a report, preserving the Vice Admiral’s standing and career within the Empire.

This unfortunate alternation demonstrates that clones weren’t ever expected to work effectively over the long run in the crooked Empire system. It makes it obvious there’d be a conflict between the clones and officials trying to grab control in any way possible as they were genetically designed to obey instructions and serve the State that had become the Empire. Enlisted stormtroopers, in contrast, would’ve been loyal while also being more ready to turn a blind eye to corruption due to their desire to retain their jobs, fear of repercussions, and probable desire to protect their promotion prospects.

What Motivated Palpatine To Want The Empire’s Troops To Be Crooked?

Emperor Palpatine wields strength from the evil side of the Force because he is a Sith Lord. So, by all counts, maintaining a corrupt government and military apparatus was highly advantageous. The Emperor was granted even more power as a result of establishing a system in which those who worked for him were incentivized to behave out of avarice, fear, merciless ambition, and thirst for power, all of which fed the evil side.

By swapping its army with even more corruptible leaders and warriors, the Empire was able to keep the galaxy fascinated by the darker side for decades. It was an important start. The creation of the Empire with Order 66 and the Jedi Purge was made possible by the clones and their inhibitor chips. But, The Bad Batch has demonstrated that they wouldn’t last in the new Imperial system that largely uncontested ruled the Star Wars galaxy for almost two decades prior to A New Hope.



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