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The Flash received highest test screening scores since Batman DK.

by John Paul
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The upcoming movie, The Flash, seems to have massive potential to become a major hit. This particular Warner Bros. Discovery movie has received the best test screening scores since Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. After taking years at the development stage, The Flash is finally moving to hit the big screen. The movie has some big names on its banner, including “It” director Andy Muschietti and Ezra Miller as the titular character.

The Flash is one of DC’s most troubled productions. Miller has been the subject of recent headlines for more than two years. He has also been arrested numerous times. Many wondered if The Flash would be canceled after Discovery pulled out of several projects, including an almost ready “Batgirl” movie. However, The Flash escaped the WB Discovery purge despite troubling headlines surrounding the star. The movie also underwent reshoots in the summer, and Warner Bros. seems to be moving forward with it.

Warner Bros. appears confident in The Flash despite Miller’s worrying headlines. This is evident in how well it panned out for the test audiences. As per THR, The Flash has received some of the highest ratings in studio screenings since Nolan’s Batman films. Nolan’s Batman films were box-office hits and critically acclaimed. In addition, both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises made $1 billion in global gross. Now, the studio believes that The Flash could be a new hit.

The studio appears to have gained confidence from the Flash’s test scores, which has allowed them to continue with the film. The Flash scored higher on the test than Black Adam, Batgirl, and Shazam, which is quite interesting. It also shows how WB. Discovery operates. The studio was willing to invest in Black Adam and Shazam’s improvement, but not Batgirl. Instead, they canceled the film.

Moreover, there is a reason WB kept The Flash’s release date on June 23, 2023. Even though it postponed the release dates of the upcoming Shazam! and Aquaman movies. June 23, 1989, was the release date for Keaton’s Batman.


All in all, the studio is not even moved with the report forecasting how Miller could hurt The Flash’s box office. Instead, WB. Discovery seems to be fully committed to the movie and hopes it can recoup its $250 million budget.



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