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The heartthrob, Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, claims boredom playing Thor.

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The charismatic character Thor of the Thor saga admits that he was bored of playing Thor until Taika Waititi came forward to take the project of Ragnarok to give a completely innovative direction to Thor’s storyline and character.

Those who follow the Thor series would understand the monotony of the two prequel movies before Ragnorak. However, Hemsworth found an exciting acting scope in Ragnarok, which changed everything.

The epitome of charm, Chris Hemsworth, further elaborated that while Thor and The Dark World presented the Shakespearean idea of Thor Odinson and mythology, the third movie Ragnarok amazingly shocked the viewers with Thor as a vivacious action figure in the setting of Kirbian cosmic opera.

In his latest interview with ‘Vanity Fair,’ Chris Hemsworth excitingly reveals that everything changed when Waititi came into the scene. The actor shows compelling enthusiasm for his role in the upcoming ‘Love and Thunder’, which he would be playing again under Waititi’s direction.

This would be his eighth appearance in the MCU as a leading Avenger of the Avenger series and solo protagonist in the Thor series. In the same interview, Hemsworth revisits his MCU career, discussing his previous misgivings about Thor’s character. He elaborately praises Waititi that how the director collaborated with the actor to diminish all his doubts.

As per Screenrant, the actor expressed immense dissatisfaction about the lack of evolution in Thor’s character in ‘The Dark World.’ He said, “I really wanted to break the mold, and I said this to Taika, and I think the conversation we had was I said, “I’m really bored of Thor,” and he said, “Yeah, I’m really bored of Thor too.” And then we decided not to be bored, and anytime that feeling came into play, we’d go in a different direction.”

Hemsworth showed his delight in their decision that Thor should be more unpredictable, dealing with spot-on action in different circumstances to break the monotony of ‘The Dark World.’

The upcoming “Love and Thunder” does not bring excitement only for the actor-director duo. It is a much-awaited event for the fans as well. While people are anticipating Thor to be a new incarnation in ‘Love and Thunder,’ they expect to revisit intriguing portions of the hero’s history in the upcoming Thor movie.

The return of Jane Foster, Thor’s former lover, played by Natalie Portman, along with Waititi’s brilliant direction and Hemsworth’s usual charisma, ‘Love and Thunder’ is expected to hit record at the box office on its opening in theaters on July 7th.



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