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The Nun’s protagonist returns in the spinoff’s sequel

by John Paul
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The Nun 2, a spinoff sequel, will formally bring back Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene to the ongoing horror universe. The Nun, the second film in the Conjuring universe to explore the backstory of Bonnie Aarons’ demon Valak, was released in 2018. Sister Irene, played by Farmiga, is a novice nun who confronts Valak and eventually drives it away. The Nun’s initial popularity led to the highest-grossing film in the Conjuring franchise’s history worldwide, guaranteeing the sequel’s existence.

The return of Valak in the main Conjuring films that take place decades after The Nun suggests that Sister Irene was not successful in permanently banishing the demon. It will provide a plot point explored in greater depth in the upcoming sequel, The Nun 2. Supposedly taking place four years after the events of The Nun, it will follow Sister Irene as she attempts again to rid France of the reappearing Valak. Speculation about Farmiga’s involvement in The Nun 2’s plot had been fueled by a casting call. Still, recent events seem to corroborate her comeback.

The Nun 2 will officially feature the return of the first film’s protagonist, Farmiga’s Sister Irene, as she attempts to stop Valak once more. Deadline breaks the news of Farmiga’s casting. Casting notices detailing the sequel’s plot synopsis implied the actor’s appearance, but no official announcement confirmed her involvement.

We can strongly assume that Farmiga’s Sister Irene will return in the sequel, as her casting was revealed on Deadline. The plot summary of the sequel was also included in the casting notifications, hinting at her presence. However, nothing has been officially announced yet.

Sister Irene’s fight against Valak will likely continue with Farmiga’s return in The Nun 2. On the hand, she also joins the already confirmed Storm Reid as two of the sequel’s major cast members. However, little is known about her character at this time. As for in The Nun 2, Farmiga will play an older and wiser nun, finding herself responsible for the safety of Tara Reid’s character as they fight the revived Valak in France. In the original film, Father Burke formally makes Sister Irene a nun, symbolically handing over the reins of authority to her.

Farmiga’s participation in The Nun 2 is a welcome and exciting development for the fans. A majority of viewers loved Farmiga’s portrayal of Sister Irene, even if horror fans might disagree with the sequel’s necessity in light of The Nun’s satisfying conclusion and its meaningful connection to the first Conjuring picture. In other words, when The Nun 2 is released in September 2019, spectators may be confident that the fight against Valak will be led by a familiar and likable figure other than the Warrens. Due to Sister Irene’s unexpected popularity, it would be interesting to see if her character develops further and maybe forms a connection to the Warrens or if the younger Farmiga’s involvement in The Conjuring Universe ends with The Nun 2.



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