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The official title for The Walking Dead’s Daryl spinoff series revealed.

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The Walking Dead’s Daryl spinoff title has been revealed prior to the return of this mainline show. Note that, The Walking Dead, which debuted on Halloween in 2010, is now a global phenomenon and a staple of the zombie horror genre. The series has created multiple spinoffs, including Fear the Walking Dead (2015) and The Walking Dead: World Beyond (2020). The penultimate episode of the final season is set to hit AMC this Sunday. While the spinoff series is scheduled to debut on November 20th, 2022.

After the series conclusion, several projects have been announced to continue the Walking Dead saga. The Walking Dead: Dead City (formerly known as Isle of the Dead), a six-episode spinoff, follows Maggie Rhee and Negan as they explore Manhattan. It will replace the originally planned three Rick-focused movies. A spinoff starring Rick Grimes and Michonne has also been announced. It was reported in September that Norman Reedus would star in his own series about Daryl and Carol Dixon (Melissa McBride). However, McBride dropped out of the project when it was revealed that the series would be filmed in Europe, citing an inability to work so far from home for such a long time. As a result, the spinoff was reworked to focus solely on Daryl rather than Daryl and Carol; now, viewers are learning a crucial new detail about the series.

Recently, Norman Reedus announced the title of his Daryl Dixon spinoff series from The Walking Dead in a Twitter post. Daryl Dixon is written on a green, scratched, and tattered photograph of the Eiffel Tower, which is fitting for the series. The Walking Dead: Dead City’s title card teaser features the show’s name superimposed on a green Statue of Liberty image, so the two images are visually identical.

Since McBride stepped out from the show in April 2022 due to long-term shooting logistics, audiences are left wondering if Carol would continue to appear in Daryl Dixon. According to the title, the miniseries will focus on Daryl during his stay in Europe, but that doesn’t mean Carol won’t appear at all. Since McBride’s Daryl Dixon is set to debut after the final episode of The Walking Dead airs in 2023, she may want to return to the show to continue or conclude Carol’s journey.

The Walking Dead’s fans have been wondering if the several future spinoffs will somehow connect with some fan-favorite characters appearing in episodes of different spinoffs. As for Carol, she may not show up in Daryl Dixon, but we can expect her in other portions of the post-apocalyptic universe, such as The Walking Dead: Dead City or the Rick and Michonne spinoff. A little over a month remains until the season finale of The Walking Dead airs on AMC, giving viewers plenty of time to speculate on their favorite characters’ fates as they fight the Commonwealth and eventually branch out into their own spinoffs.



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