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The Prerelease revelation of the New Overwatch 2 Hero, Ramattra

by John Paul
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The next Overwatch 2 hero, Omnic resistance commander Ramattra, has been revealed to be a tank with various forms. Team 4 at Blizzard has teased this new tank hero for the upcoming free-to-play game’s second season, which debuts on December 6th. The first season ends in a matter of weeks. Developers surprised players with the unveiling of this newest playable hero at the thrilling finish of the Overwatch League’s Grand Finals event.

Ramattra, the new hero, is a huge, intimidating presence that will serve both as a reliable shield for his allies and a formidable obstacle for his foes. The makers of Overwatch 2 have withheld information on the next playable character’s health and specific skills from the public. However, they did give some hints to Screen Rant and other news outlets ahead of the character’s reveal on Friday night. When asked to describe his role, they admitted that Ramattra will be a hybrid between attacking tanks like Wrecking Ball and supported tanks like Reinhardt.

Ramattra will have two distinct forms, much like the recently revamped damage hero Bastion. In Omnic mode, you’ll be able to deal poke damage and defend your squad effectively. Ramattra’s Nemesis mode, which will feature him as one of the game’s largest characters, will emphasize rushes and landing punches. Since the new hero will be able to transform into many forms, each of which will have its own set of skills and attacks, the hero is expected to have a greater arsenal than the existing heroes in Overwatch.

The Omnic resistance leader from the Storm Rising conclusion cinematic, which debuted in 2019 alongside the same-named PvE event, may look familiar to longtime Overwatch players. Once the event was finished, players heard a short dialogue between Doomfist and Ramattra, the leaders of two powerful groups that fans hope will play a major role in Overwatch 2’s PvE story mode when it launches sometime next year.

Just like with Kiriko last season, players who buy the new Season 2 battle pass will have immediate access to Ramattra. While those who play Overwatch 2 for free will have to wait until they reach tier 55 to get her. The character should help round out a roster that has felt a little thin since launch and promises a lot of flexibility in the tank role.



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