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The Ring of Power Just Revealed the Balrog Appearance?

by Clover Shaw
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The Lord of the Rings has broken records since its premiere on September 1st. It is undoubtedly becoming one of the greatest on Amazon. We are also aware of how it creates hype among fans from time to time. Now, a brief passage about “The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power” hints at the appearance of Balrog. Although he appeared in the trailers, it is not confirmed where and when we will be seeing him. We are all curious about where Morgoth’s frightening creature will be shown. Most likely, Balrog is the one and only Durin’s Bane. He is the same corrupt and evil Maiar who fought Gandalf in the fellowship of the Ring. Even though it might be unexpected considering that the story takes place during the Second Age of Middle-earth.

However, The Elven High King Gil-Galad recruited Elrond to work side by side with Celebrimbor, the master blacksmith. The reason to summon him was to create the biggest forge in Middle-earth. It must only be made by spring, in episode 2 of The Rings of Power. According to Celebrimbor, the forge is capable of producing powerful items. Elrond advised asking the dwarves in the mountain as they needed the huge workforce. Unfortunately, Elrond hasn’t seen Prince Durin the IV in two decades. But he is not just hoping to see him again. First, he must restore their frayed friendship due to their different perspectives on time.

We are keen to see the next revelations in this record-breaking series on Amazon.



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