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The Rings of Power Ep. 4: The Epic Ending Explained

by John Paul
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LOTR: The Rings of Power episode 4 came out as a game-changer with its epic ending. So far, this Amazon series was taking on the viewers like a slow burn. However, episode 4 has immensely changed the dynamics. After rejecting Valinor’s paradise, Galadriel accidentally landed in the land of Númenor with Halbrand, convinced of Sauron’s impending return. Elrond reconnected with Durin IV in Khazad-dûm, but he had no idea his old friend was hiding a valuable secret. Meanwhile, Arondir was captured by orcs after Adar invaded the Southlands, with the surviving villagers gathered in the now-abandoned elven watchtower.

She asks for their help tracking down Sauron’s forces, only to be turned down by Cynthia Addai-Queen Regent Míriel of Robinson and Trystan Gravelle’s Chancellor Pharazôn. While on the other side of the sea, Durin IV (Owain Arthur) eventually tells Elrond (Robert Aramayo) about mithril, a brand-new mineral that Moria’s dwarves unearthed in the mountains. Moreover, Tyrone Muhafidin’s Theo would almost certainly have been killed during a supply run back to Tirharad. Fortunately, the archery skills of Arondir (Ismael Cruz Córdova) save him, who arrives with a message from The Rings of Power season 1’s supervillain.

The final scenes of “The Great Wave” promise to tie together those disparate plot threads, with Galadriel heading for the Southlands with her new Nmenórean friends. While Durin IV accompanies Elrond back to Lindon as work on Celebrimbor’s big ol’ spring forge escalates. Here are some detailed explanations of episode 4 events.

Why Míriel allies with Galadriel

At the beginning of episode 4, Míriel is not interested at all in Galadriel’s request. Instead, she prefers to throw her in jail or send her back home. However, by the episode’s end, Míriel is prepared to follow Galadriel to Middle-earth. The bond establishes for two reasons. One reason is that both women suffer from common trauma. Galadriel is burdened by the knowledge of Sauron’s return and has to face it without any help from her elven fellows. At the same time, Míriel recalls her island’s destruction and the trauma of witnessing her father fading away.

However, the falling blossoms of Nimloth seal the bond. Nimloth is Númenor’s white tree that begins to shed its leaves (a rare event) as Galadriel is being sent back to Middle-earth. The faithful people believe its leaves falling is equivalent to the Valar crying. Míriel sees this as an ill omen and changes her mind.

Why Isildur goes away and then Join Galadriel?

In The Rings of Power episode 4, Maxim Baldry’s Isildur has a professional roller coaster. Isildur’s father pushes him into the Nmenórean Sea Guard, but he’s focused on the west – “the genuine Numenor.” The young sailor sees the light and hears a voice from the west, and sabotages his responsibilities to get fired. The youth probably thought getting fired accidentally would anger his father less than quitting.

Why does Isildur join Galadriel’s army bound for Middle-earth in the east if he plans to leave the oceans and go west? Isildur’s companion says Anárion revered the west. His entire family is Faithful Nmenóreans to the Valar, and Isildur’s western aspirations likely stem from a desire to uncover his destiny and reconnect with Nmenor’s great past – respecting the Valar, embracing the Elves, etc. Middle-earth is east, but defeating Sauron helps and honors his goal.

Míriel’s Númenor Vision

Episode 4 reveals Númenor’s ruling line harboring a dark secret, a prophecy about the island’s destruction. Queen Míriel and Galadriel both witness a violent vision of waves gushing over Númenor’s cities, taking the entire kingdom into the sea. This vision is the very representation of how J.R.R. Tolkien told Númenor’s downfall. Many significant events might happen before it, but Númenor’s debut in the series might be closer now than what was assumed.

Adar’s Connection to Sauron

Episode 4 finally unveils season 1’s supervillain, Adar (Joseph Mawle). Though the Orc “father” is highly enigmatic, his discussion with Arondir drops several details. The series implies Adar to be an elf, provided his ears, language, and memories of Beleriand. However, the episode also confirms Mawle is not portraying Sauron, at least for now. Nevertheless, the two Middle-earth baddies are connected somehow.

Waldreg, Theo, and The Black Sword Hilt.

Apparently, Adar isn’t the only Morgoth follower in The Rings of Power. Waldreg – the Tirharad tavern owner, eventually reveals that he knows Theo stole a strange black sword hilt from his barn. However, he doesn’t chastise Theo but strangely encourages the boy’s curiosity, asking if he’s “ever heard of Sauron.” The event suggests that Waldreg is s secret villain. The Southlanders were Morgoth’s soldiers years back, but most residents do not care for those days. However, it won’t be a surprise that a lineage may have retained an evil streak.

That also explains why Waldreg had the black sword hilt all this time. It could be a keepsake passed down to him by his evil ancestors. The purpose of the sword’s hilt remains ambiguous. Still, since Adar is vehemently hunting for it, it must have a great mystical power to facilitate Sauron’s return.

Durin IV’s Journey to Lindon

In The Rings of Power’s 4th episode’s concluding moments, the two friends and Disa find a resolution as Durin IV, and Durin III enjoy a father-son exchange. However, before Khazad-dûm can become Khazad-fun, Moria’s king asks if he noticed anything strange about the Elves. Durin IV acknowledges he senses something beneath the surface and agrees to join Elrond to Lindon.

Moria’s dwarves know they’re building a forge in Eregion. The two Durins may be curious why the Elves need such a large furnace before spring. The Rings of Power hasn’t explained why the forge is important, but it will be shortly. Lord Celebrimbor and High King Gil-Galad know these plans. The question is whether Durin IV can smell Lindon’s secret.

Will The Dwarves Still Mine for Mithril?

Durin IV tells Elrond in Rings of Power episode 4 that mithril mining is riskier than Moria’s gems and minerals. Durin III closes Khazad-mithril dûm’s facility after a cave-in work proves his point, and workers escape just in time. Is Moria’s business plan dead? The Hobbit disagrees. During Frodo Baggins’ time, Moria was mostly cleared of mithril. The Dwarves’ digging disturbed the Balrog hidden in the mountain.

In The Rings of Power, Moria’s dwarves must continue mining mithril and break the elf-dwarf secret treaty. Despite Elrond’s promise, the Elves know mithril and its applications during The Lord of the Rings’ age, even building the Doors of Durin using it. That doesn’t imply Elrond betrays Durin IV and sends Gil-Galad “Mithril – Beyond the Mineshaft.” More probable, Eregion and Moria become friends and share the mineral.



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