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The Rings of Power episode 3 reveals Elrond’s brother

by Clover Shaw
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The recent release of LOTR: The Rings of Power episode 3 took the viewers to the Island of Númenor for the first time. The episode also paid homage to Elros, Elrond’s brother. In doing so, the episode narrative also explained Elros’ Big Connection to the Aragorn.

Diving deeper into the episode’s revelations, we’d say that the second age of Middle-earth is quite different from the one in LOTR. Númenor is revealed when Galadriel is transported to the island of Númenor, which has stopped trading with the Elves. Even Galadriel was distinctly unwelcome on the island.

Númenor is significant in the second age of Middle-earth. It is one of the greatest civilizations in Middle-Earth’s history. According to Galadriel’s logical observation, Morgoth’s rise to power divided the Men’s race. The race was divided into two parts. One part opted to take Dark Lord’s side while others opposed him. Valar generously awarded the Men who fought against Morgoth with an island kingdom, establishing the land of Númenor. The Númenoreans were gifted with extended lifespans, tremendous wisdom, and enhanced strength. The first ruler of the land had a remarkable association with Elrond, Galadriel’s close friend.

The third episode of Rings of Power takes Galadriel to the Hall of Law, assembled by Elros. Elros was also a half-Elf like his brother Elrond. However, he chose to abandon his Elven half to dwell among the land of Men. Unfortunately, his choice stripped him of his immortality. Even then, Elros lived long, ruling the Númenoreans for an astounding 410 years. Still, he passed away long before the time shown in The Rings of Power. However, he lives as a legend among the Númenoreans.

Elros’s position is among the most significant of Tolkien’s Númenorean characters. His bloodline continues to exist even after Númenor’s destruction, marking the Second Age’s last era. The bloodline reemerged in The Lord of the Rings. The fact is that Aragorn was Elros’ descendant and therefore possessed unique abilities and attributes. The story implies that all the Aragorn kings had Elros’ bloodline. Thus “hands of the King are hands of healing.”

We can observe that the Elrond and Elros relationship symbolizes the dynamic between humans and the Elves. However, the two parted ways when Númenor eventually cut itself off from the Elves, creating a mutual hostility between them. Therefore, it is easy to assume that the distant relationship between the Elves and the Aragorn means the latter would ultimately become a mediator between the two significant races. Fortunately, we have yet to enjoy more subtle but smart connections between The Rings of Power and LOTR in upcoming episodes of the prequel series.



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