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The Rings of Power just got its official trailer ahead of its premiere

by John Paul
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The Rings of Power has already created substantial prelaunch hype. It’s a prequel to the epic LOTR (Lord of The Rings). Now the series’ official trailer is out, where we can see the characters, including Durin IV, Galadriel, and more.

The newly released trailer gives us a glimpse of Middle-Earth that we have never seen before. It shows elven vistas, the woods filled with orcs and goblins, underground dwarven cities, and more to tempt the audience.

We see Owain Arthur as Durin IV, Khazad-dûm’s dwarven prince, finding his feet and struggling to fit into his kingdom. Then there are the Hobbits, the Harfoots family with young Nori Brandyfoot eager for adventure. Markella Kavenagh will play Nori in the series. Besides the lighter side of Middle-Earth, the trailer also hints toward the expected rise of Sauron.

This prequel series will take us back in the past, thousands of years before the events we saw in The Hobbit. There is no doubt that the upcoming Amazon Prime series is packed with adventure, fantasy, and action.

The Rings of Power has remained under development for years, finally making its debut on September 2, next week. We see massive anticipation and hype in the legion of J.R.R. Tolkien fans. By the trailer’s look, the series seems to be worth the long wait and high expectations.

The series cast include:

Morfydd Clark

Owain Arthur

Robert Aramayo

Sophia Nomvete

Lenny Henry

Markella Kavenagh

Ismael Cruz Córdova

Sara Zwangobani

Megan Richards

Charles Edwards

Daniel Weyman, and many more.



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