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Things you should know about “Namor” The Submariner.

by Clover Shaw
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Lately, fans have been receiving news that Marvel Movies is ready to explore the world that exists under the sea. And who else would be the guide other than Marvel’s Namor, The Submariner. According to the revolving rumors, the arrogant aquatic anti-hero may debut in the much-awaited upcoming Black Panter sequel, Wakanda Forever. Assuming that the rumors are correct, fans would want to welcome Namor with maximum knowledge about his character, history, and origin. Therefore, we have listed some essential facts from Marvel comic books so fans can understand Namor to enjoy his presence in MCU.

Namor’s comic history in Marvel Universe

Bill Everett created Namor McKenzie as one of the very first superheroes. He appeared in the very first Marvel Comics issue in October 1939. However, he has already made his debut in Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 six months earlier.

The lack of Namor’s solo movie

Most MCU fans are keen for the rumor of Namor’s appearance in Black Panther 2 to be true. However, it’s sad that MCU is too late to explain the Atlantean’s backstory in a solo movie. Because if MCU brings forward Namor’s solo movie at this point, it could appear to many that they are copying the Aquaman story.

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Namor’s resemblance to DC’s Aquaman

Many DC and Marvel comic readers take Namor equivalent to Aquaman. They both are sea-dwellers, Atlantean royalties, Superheroes, and half-human. The fact is that Arthur Curry, or Aquaman, the DC character is more well-known. Perhaps because he appeared in the cinematic universe before the news of Namor appearing in Marvel movies. Although many non-Marvel comic readers think that introducing Namor is Marvel’s attempt to take on Aquaman’s success, this is not true. Namor’s history in Marvel’s comics is way before Aquaman stepped into the DC universe in any form.

Aquaman did not appear in More Fun Comics #73 (a DC comic precursor) until November 1941, two years later than Namor’s debut. All things considered, we cannot deny the likeness between the two, with only a few distinct differences, including hair color and amount of skin shown. In fact, even their origin stories are not too short of identical.

Namor Is a Half-Atlantean and Half-Human

Namor’s story starts when Cmdr. Leonard McKenzie takes his vessel off the Antarctica coast to conduct experiments. Unfortunately, the journey would cost many lives in Atlantis, the famous mythical underwater city. An Atlantean princess, Fen, infiltrates the vessel to investigate the cause of the disturbance. However, she unexpectedly gets involved in a romantic relationship with Leonard, resulting in Namor’s birth. The child has half human blood and half-Atlantean. It makes him appear in the flesh of a human (without Atlanteans’ bluish complexion) but with the powers and abilities of an Atlantean royalty.

Namor’s ability to communicate with fly, fish, and more

Namor is also a mutant because of his Atlantean and human DNA combination. He is actually the first superhero to be classified as a mutant, even before Apocalypse’s retconned record of the earliest species. He is blessed with several powerful and dangerous powers that can be used to fight evil. He is capable of Aquakinesis (a way to control water flow), aquatic telepathy (enabling him to communicate with fish and sea creatures, and flight. Again, some traits resemble Aquaman’s. However, Aquaman required Neptune’s Trident to perform Aquakinesis and flight.

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Namor fought in World War II alongside Captain America.

Namor is a bluntly arrogant character, mostly due to his remorse for humans who tend to harm ocean life. Fortunately, his disdain rarely affects his collaboration with land-dwellers in the cause of justice. As a result, the Submariner has been an ally of the Avengers and X-Men. However, his alliance goes back to the times of World War II when he fought alongside Captain America.

During World War II, a divers group is found near Atlantis. These divers were actually the Third Reich soldiers. Namor joined a superhero team, the Invaders, to fight Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. Captain America was also part of the Invaders. Moreover, the Submariner also has a very good relationship with Marvel’s first superhero family. It is quite an unexpected fact associated with Namor’s character that you should know.

Namor’s sad life story after World War II

Namor was once a shell of himself, afflicted with amnesia and PTSD due to the recollections of World War II. For years, the Atlantean prince was destitute, away from his home, until Johnny Storm discovered him. He shaved his beard with his flame, dumped him in a river, and restored his memories of who he was. Unfortunately, the treatment also triggered his distaste for the surface-dwellers. He not only established rivalry with the Fantastic Four but also created a special attraction for the Invisible Woman, a superhero team member.

Namor and Invisible Woman

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Namor’s romantic relationship with Invisible Woman

Namor has had an unfaltering crush on Sue Storm. The romance fuels up when this Reed Richards’s crime-fighting partner and wife expresses the same feeling. She even leaves Mr. Fantastic for Namor at one time. The story of their playful flirting to irrefutable romance remains, showing signs in King of Black, Marvel’s comic in December 2020.

Black Panther: Wakanda's War With Namor Almost Ended the Marvel Universe

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Namor’s war with Wakanada

Relations between Wakanda and Atlantis were strained before the destruction of the Marvel Universe in Secret Wars. Both nations were involved in a long-running, brutal conflict that caused immense destruction on both sides. Later, Black Panther and Namor reluctantly joined the Illuminati to solve the multiverse problem.

Shuri, leading Wakanda during the conflict, discovered that T’Challa was working alongside Namor and cast him out. T’Challa, who was to protect Wakanda’s surrounding areas, was instead made King of The Dead. Unfortunately, T’Challa’s hatred of the Submariner only increases after losing everything to Namor.

Namor’s history with Wakanda will make things more interesting if he appears in the Black Panther sequel. However, we don’t know yet what Wakandans’ take on Namor would be, in light of the historic rivalry shown in the comics.



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