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Time to bid farewell to Thor’s Saga?

by Clover Shaw
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Chris Hemsworth is the third Avenger to appear on the big screen. His journey as Thor, the God of Thunder, has covered the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and now has an impact on every phase of the movie. Thor’s role in the MCU is split between Asgard’s rightful heir and as one of Earth’s most powerful heroes. He has also learned humility and what it takes to be worthy. Taika Waititi’s Thor, Love, and Thunder was a standalone film, a “classic Thor” adventure worthy of the Asgardian Avenger. This movie proves Thor’s charisma and mythical cosmic appeal never fail to attract fans.

Although the fourth installment of Thor’s saga shows that the Asgardian God and his exploits can still be taken further in the future, many deem Love and Thunder as the final word in Thor’s tenure. The movie’s events have fulfilled Thor’s most interpersonal need for a family.

Thor has been confronted with ancient evils, megalomaniacal titans, and otherworldly terrors over the course of 11 years. But his love for family and the immense grief he experienced after losing his loved ones have remained consistent throughout his films. Each of Thor’s stories takes something he loves and presents him with greater grief. However, Love and Thunder end with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), but that tragedy gives Thor the chance to find a new love for the first time.

Love and Thunder show Thor becoming proud to be a surrogate dad to Gorr’s resurrected girl. This is a great way to close his story. It is the culmination of what Thor has worked so hard to protect over the past 11 years: Love. The greatest gift of love he received was the opportunity to be a parent to an unlikely family. Thor was a God and a hero. However, becoming a father in Love and Thunder is the best way to end Thor’s search for love that is worth protecting and living for.



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