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Tom Hanks speaks of his potential inclusion in MCU.

by Clover Shaw
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Many huge stars have entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the last decade, making it bigger than any other franchise of comic book movies. However, there have been some big names who refused to become part of the franchise in the past. For instance, Martin Scorsese and Jodie Foster once vocally spoke against Marvel Studios for the way they have taken over the theater. However, many are always open to receiving offers for the Marvel projects. Tom Hanks seems to be one among the latter group. He recently revealed his feelings regarding the MCU and the possibility of working with the franchise.

As we all know about MCU’s journey from an uncertain beginning to its multi-million-dollar box office hits. Now, MCU has become a brand that outstands anything seen in the cinematic and television worlds. Its projects span both mediums, incorporating and interconnecting narratives to engage high-level audience commitment. With this type of success, it is difficult to believe that any star would not wish to become a part of the franchise, regardless of the size of the role they can get.

Tom Hanks and his stardom don’t need any introduction. The star of such a level recently revealed his willingness to become a part of the MCU franchise. In his recent conversation with Josh Horowitz for the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Hanks reiterated his past statement. Previously he said that Marvel had never approached him with any role in their project. In his current interview, he made an anecdotal comparison between the MCU and John Ford’s westerns. Hanks said:

“You can maybe say that the John Ford universe of westerns is not that different, perhaps than the Marvel universe of motion pictures. If it’s a bodacious John Ford western, would you do it? You might do that.”

We don’t know if Tom Hanks ends up with the MCU in an on-screen role or as a voice-over for a CGI character. In any case, the actor is certainly in between a lot of work right now. His latest upcoming appearance is as Geppetto, the wood-craver in Disney’s live-action movie Pinocchio. Disney+ will release its Pinocchio version on September 8.



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