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Top 10 Angelina Jolie movies of all time

by John Paul
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Angelina Jolie is the epitome of charm and charisma. She is admired in the industry for her versatility on screen. She started her career when she was just 7, alongside her father, Jon Voight. It was a comedy film, Lookin’ to Get Out. Later she appeared in several other movies, some were a hit, but many failed as well. However, it didn’t stop her as she continued to improve her skills working with big names.

Her supporting role enhanced Jolie’s career potential in the biographical movie, George Wallace (1997). Voila! She managed to bring the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. Just like this, she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the drama Girl, Interrupted (1999). However, she gained recognition on an international level after appearing as Archeologist in the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Today Jolie is not just famous because she is an amazing actress but for her philanthropist nature. So, to celebrate Jolie’s life work, here is the list of top 10 movies she appeared in and did wonders.

Gia (1998). Gia is one of my favorite characters on… | by Doris Voina |  Medium

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Gia (1998)

Runtime: 2hrs

Director: Michael Cristofer

Star cast: Angelina Jolie, Faye Dunaway, Elizabeth Mitchell

Genre: Biography, Drama, Romance

IMDB rating: 6.9

It is a biographical drama inspired by the actual experiences of Gia Carangi, one of the first supermodels. The movie was good from critics’ perception, and Jolie was highly praised for her performance. Angelina Jolie even received Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards for best performance.

It’s a story of a rising model, Cia (Jolie), from the late 1970s. The movie covers her career from her instant upswing to the top of the modeling world to her tragic demise.

A Mighty Heart movie review & film summary (2007) | Roger Ebert

Image Courtesy: Roger Ebert

A Mighty Heart (2007)

Runtime: 1hr. 48mins

Director: Michael Winterbottom

Star cast: Angelina Jolie, Dan Futterman, Irrfan Khan

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

IMDB rating: 6.6

It is a film based on true events inspired by Mariane Pearl’s 2003 autobiography. Unfortunately, the film was screened out of competition at Cannes Film Festival (2007) before its release in North America. Still, it managed to receive positive reviews from viewers.

It’s a tale of Mariane Pearl (Jolie) when she goes on a journey to find her journalist husband and goes missing. She comes to Pakistan in search of her husband, but unfortunately, she was kidnapped. The movie also focuses on the efforts of Pakistan’s Security Forces and the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service. They all joined forces to find the kidnappers and punish them.

Salt (2010) - IMDb

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Salt (2010)

Runtime: 1hr. 40mins

Director: Phillip Noyce

Star cast: Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber, Chiwetel Ejiofor

Genre: Action, Thriller

IMDB rating: 6.4

If you are a fan of action-thrillers, the movie will be eye candy for you. Jolie will be seen as the lead character, Evelyn Salt, in the film. It was a successful film, grossing over $294 million with positive reviews. The film was praised for its action scenes and Jolie’s performance. But the critics find the film’s plot far-fetched and intricate, leading to two alternative cuts delivering different endings.

It’s a tale of a CIA agent, Evelyn salt. When accused of being a Russian Spy, she went on to clear her name.

The Daily Stream: The Catharsis Of Girl, Interrupted On Bad Mental Health  Days

Image Courtesy: Slash Film

Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Runtime: 2hrs. 7mins

Director: James Mangold

Star cast: Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, Clea DuVall

Genre: Biography, Drama

IMDB rating: 7.3

It’s a psychological drama for which Jolie won an Oscar for the best supporting actor. The film was successful and received mostly positive reviews. In addition, the movie was nominated for the Teen Choice Awards in the Choice Drama Movie of the Year.

It is based on Susanna Kaysen, a writer who spent 18 months in a mental health facility in the 1960s. When she arrived at Claymoore, she met with people with mental health conditions, including Lisa (Jolie). Lisa is a psychopath who controls everyone around her and makes nurses’ life a living hell. But how does Susana regain control?

Maleficent (2014) - IMDb

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Maleficient (2014)

Runtime: 1hr. 37mins

Director: Robert Stromberg

Star cast: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley

Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

IMDB rating: 6.9

It’s a fantasy film that stars Angelina Jolie in the lead role of Maleficent. It is a live-action adaptation of Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty from 1959. Maleficent was a box office hit, earning over $758 million globally and ranking as the fourth-highest-selling movie of 2014.

The movie tells the tale from the context of the main antagonist, showing her rough connection with the king and princess of an authoritative kingdom.

Hackers Movie (1995) - Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie - video Dailymotion

Image Courtesy: Daily Motion

Hackers (1995)

Runtime: 1hr. 45mins

Director: Iain Softley

Star cast: Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie, Jesse Bradford

Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance

IMDB rating: 6.2

It’s a crime thriller that didn’t perform as expected in box office sales. Although critics gave the movie very conflicting reviews, it has subsequently developed into a cult classic. It is a movie that centers on a bunch of high school hackers (including Jolie). They participate in a commercial extortion plot but don’t know what awaits next.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider (2001) Movie Review from Eye for Film

Image Courtesy: Eye For Film

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

Runtime: 1hr. 40mins

Director: Simon West

Star cast: Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight, Iain Glen

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

IMDB rating: 5.7

It’s an action-adventure thriller inspired by a Tomb Raider video game series. It is the highest-grossing film on the first weekend of its release. The film was also nominated for two MTV Movie Awards for Best Female Performance and Best Fight Scene.

In this movie, the character of video game explorer Lara Croft (Jolie) becomes real. She battles against time and bad guys to retrieve potent historical relics.

Taking Lives (2004) - IMDb

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Taking Lives (2004)

Runtime: 1hr. 43mins

Director: D.J. Caruso

Star cast: Angelina Jolie, Ethan Hawke, Kiefer Sutherland

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

IMDB rating: 6.2

It is an American thriller starring Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke. Angelina was nominated for the Golden Schmoes Awards for Best T&A of the year. The film grossed over $65,470,529 worldwide. It is a story of an FBI profiler, Illeana (Jolie), who came to investigate and hunt a serial killer.

Life or Something Like It (2002) - Filmaffinity

Image Courtesy: Filmaffinity

Life Or Something Like It (2002)

Runtime: 1hr. 43mins

Director: Stephen Herek

Star cast: Angelina Jolie, Edward Burns, Tony Shalhoub

Genre: Comedy, Romance

IMDB rating: 5.7

It’s a comedy-drama with a pinch of romance. The story revolves around Lanie Kerrigan, a television reporter played by Angelina Jolie, and her search for purpose in life. But when she interviews a psychic patient, he tells Lanie that she will not live long and her life is meaningless.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) - IMDb

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil (2019)

Runtime: 1hr. 59mins

Director: Joachim Rønning

Star cast: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Harris Dickinson

Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

IMDB rating: 6.6

It’s a fantasy film and the follow-up to Maleficent (2014), with Angelina Jolie back in the lead role. It made $491 million worldwide revenue and received mixed reviews from fans. In contrast, Jolie, Fanning, and Pfeiffer were praised for their performance. The movie was nominated at the 92nd Academy Awards for Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

The movie is set after the five years of Maleficent. It starts when a sudden, fortuitous event brings together the fairy realm and the human Kingdom. But treason and hatred stand in the way. Maleficent (Jolie) fights for her daughter’s love but does love always have a happy ending?



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