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Top 10 Brendan Fraser Movies of All Time

by John Paul
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It has been a while since Brendan Fraser played a major role in Hollywood. However, he is still making his mark in entertainment by playing Robotman in DC Universe’s Doom Patrol. Moreover, he has done enough work in the industry to keep many classics under his belt, so we decided to look back at some of his greatest successes. Instead of focusing on critic picks, let’s focus on Fraser fans-favorites. And where else to look for other than IMDB if we want to rate movies according to fan following.

The IMDB ratings are based on the users’ votes on a scale of 1 to 10. So, we have listed Fraser’s top 10 movies in which he has played significant roles. Follow the lists to know Fraser’s classics.

Crash (2004) - IMDb

Image Courtesy: IMDb

  1. Crash

Years: 2004

IMDB rating: 7.8

Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller

Director: Paul Haggis

Accolades: Oscar for Best Picture, Oscar for Best Film Editing, Oscar for Best Original Screenplay

Although Crash was controversially beaten by Brokeback Mountain at 78th Academy Awards ceremony, it still gained a lot of fans.

Crash is about a group of Los Angeles residents, including an attorney and his spouse, detectives, a police officer, a storekeeper, and a wealthy couple. The story is about the social relations between diverse people. Fraser plays the role of District Attorney Rick Cabot, a significant societal entity.

Gods and Monsters movie review (1998) | Roger Ebert

Image Courtesy: Rogerebert

  1. Gods and Monsters

Years: 1998

IMDB rating: 7.4

Genre: Drama, Biography

Director: Bill Condon

Accolades: Academy Award for Best Screenplay, Bram Stoker Award for Best Screenplay, San Diego Film Critics Society Awards for Best Film, and many more.

Fraser (Clayton Boone) and Ian McKellen (James Whale) teamed up for this period drama inspired by James Whale’s later years.

The Hollywood director, James Whale, is well-known for his film adaptations of Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein. Unfortunately, he has struggled with depression and other health issues in his later years. Although he welcomes Clayton Boone, a gardener, into his life, their friendship is fraught with difficulties as Boone and Whale have different ideas about where it should go.

The complicated narrative kept viewers engaged throughout the movie.

Dogfight (1991)

Image Courtesy: IMDb

  1. Dogfight

Years: 1991

IMDB rating: 7.4

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Director: Nancy Savoca

The film tells the story of a Marine in the 1960s who wants to spend his last night in San Francisco before he deploys. Although their idea of a night out is to rate girls on their attractiveness, it doesn’t take long before he falls for the young woman he initially plans to mock.

River Phoenix plays the role of the marine, and Lili Taylor is his love interest. Fraser, however, plays a minor part as a sailor fighting with Phoenix’s gang.

Although Dogfight did not open at the top of the box office, it was still a very popular film.

The Mummy (1999) - IMDb

Image courtesy: IMDb

  1. The Mummy

Years: 1999

IMDB rating: 7.1

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure

Director: Stephen Sommers

Accolades: BMI Film Music Award, Saturn Awards for Best Makeup

Brendan Fraser starred in The Mummy, his most famous film, in 1999.

Based loosely on the 1932 feature, this action-horror-fantasy film follows Rick O’Connell and Evelyn Carnahan (Egyptologist) on a treasure hunt. Unfortunately, the gang accidentally wakes up a revenge-driven, mummified priest. Now they have to work together and stop him from wreaking havoc.

This blockbuster from the ’90s was entertaining and engaging. Moreover, it was a blockbuster that earned multiple sequels.

The Quiet American (2002) - IMDb

Image Courtesy: IMDb

  1. The Quiet American

Years: 2002

IMDB rating: 7.0

Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller

Director: Phillip Noyce

Accolades: American Film Institute Awards for Movie of the Year

It’s an adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel of the same name. It is a beautiful blend of murder mystery and a love triangle, set against the backdrop of Vietnam’s French Indochina War. An American and an English journalist fall for the same Vietnamese woman. Fraser plays the lovelorn American.

The adaptation was a big success with fans who loved how the theme was brought to life on the big screen. The film was a success because of its believable performances and thoughtful layers.


School Ties (1992) | MUBI

Image Courtesy: MUBI

  1. School Ties

Years: 1992

IMDB rating: 6.9

Genre: Drama

Director: Robert Mande

This 1992 drama is about a Jewish teenager, David Greene, who enters a prep school in Massachusetts after he has finished high school and is successful in football. Fraser plays David, the lead role in the movie. David soon discovers he is being treated unfairly by the other students he believes to be his friends.

Although the film received mixed critics’ reviews, audiences were still pleasantly surprised by its captivating story. Fraser, along with Matt Damon, made this story something to talk about.

The Air I Breathe (2007) - IMDb

Image Courtesy: IMDb

  1. The Air I Breathe

Years: 2007

IMDB rating: 6.7

Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller

Director: Jieho Lee

This crime drama portrays the Chinese proverb that life can be broken down into four emotions (happiness, sorrow, pleasure, and love). It follows a group of people who represent each of these emotions. They end up intertwining.

Fraser assumes the role of Pleasure, a person who can see the future of others.

The movie received low reviews compared to With Honors. However, the formulaic narrative was well received by audience members, who focused more on the cast and layers of the story.

With Honors (1994) - IMDb

Image Courtesy: IMDb

  1. With Honors

Years: 1994

IMDB rating: 6.7

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Director: Alek Keshishian

The 1994 comedy-drama centers on a graduate student who finds his thesis in the hands of a homeless man. Although there is tension between them, they quickly bond and learn much about each other.

Fraser portrays the student, while Joe Pesci portrays his unlikely friend.

Initial critics initially penned it as a movie filled with clichés. However, they couldn’t help but admire the acting.

Still Breathing (1997)

Image Courtesy: IMDb

  1. Still Breathing

Years: 1997

IMDB rating: 6.5

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Director: James F. Robinson

The 1997 drama centers on the love story between Joanna Going (a con artist) and Fraser (a puppeteer). They meet in California after being connected by a similar dream.

The movie is full of charm and romance. The stars’ captivating performances supported the film’s complex narrative.

Blast from the Past (1999): Time-Warp Comedy Flop | Bomb Report

Image Courtesy: Bomb Report

  1. Blast from the Past

Years: 1999

IMDB rating: 6.7

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Director: Hugh Wilson

The charming romantic comedy of the ’90s tells the story of Adam, a 35-year-old man who lives underground with neurotic parents. They hope to keep him safe from the dangers posed by the Cuban Missile Crisis. Adam, despite his ignorance, must return to the surface in order to navigate modern life after their shelter was unlocked in 1999.

Fraser plays Adam, while Alicia Silverstone portrays the woman he is attracted to in the real world. Although the film could not become a box office success, fans enjoyed the comedy, ironic humor, and chemistry between the leads.



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