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Top 10 Hailee Steinfeld movies of all time

by John Paul
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Currently 25 years old, Hailee Steinfeld is an American actress and singer. She has been honored with several awards and nominations, including the Peabody Award, the Critics’ Choice Movie Award, the Billboard Music Award, the British Academy Film Award, the Golden Globe Award, three Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, and the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Her breakout role came in the western drama film True Grit (2010), for which Hailee was nominated for the Academy Award, the Screen Actors Guild Award, and the British Academy Film Award (BAFTA) for Best Actress. In 2013, Steinfeld’s leading roles in blockbuster movies, including Ender’s Game, Romeo & Juliet, Begin Again, and 3 Days to Kill, propelled her to stardom. The coming-of-age comedy-drama The Edge of Seventeen (2016), in which she starred, garnered her critical praise and a Golden Globe Award and a Critics’ Choice Movie Award nomination.

The article lists her top 10 movies to honor her accolades and extensive filmography.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse with Miles Morales opens at $35 million -  Vox

Image Courtesy: VOX

  1. Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse

The movie: The movie follows Miles Morales, a young man of Afro-Latino descent from New York City, who finds out he has spider-like abilities. When parallel realities intersect, things become messy. Miles must have faith in the unknown to succeed.

Hailee’s role: Hailee voices Spider-Gwen, a Spider-Person from a parallel reality in which Peter Parker is assassinated, and Gwen Stacey assumes his mantle. She steals the show in the film because of her heroic assurance during combat scenes and her endearing charisma during their fling.

True Grit (2010) - IMDb

Image Courtesy: IMDb

  1. True Grit

The movie: The Coen brothers returned to the Western genre with their adaptation of the John Wayne classic True Grit, which they crafted shortly after winning Best Picture for No Country for Old Men.

Hailee’s role: Steinfeld is a show-stopper in her first major cinematic role. She had no trouble keeping up with the Coens’ acrobatic pace, competing for head-on with Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. Her Mattie Ross is the film’s emotional center and the source of the film’s title, grit. She is the film’s de facto protagonist. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nominated Steinfeld for Best Supporting Actress for her work in this.

Hailee Steinfeld Interview: Authenticity In 'The Edge of Seventeen' |  IndieWire

Image Courtesy: IndieWire

  1. The Edge of Seventeen

The movie: Fremon, Kelly’s dramatic account of Craig’s adolescence, is one of the funniest films about young people in the recent decade. Nadine, a troubled teenager whose life begins to unravel after she learns that her brother and her closest friend have started dating, is the film’s protagonist.

Hailee’s role: Steinfeld carries the entire picture on her shoulders in a portrayal that earned her a nomination for Best Actress in a Musical, Motion Picture, and Comedy. She had the wit and yearning of a John Hughes heroine. The film charts Nadine’s descent into self-destruction, and all of it is cloaked in a raging revolt.

When Marnie Was There (2014) - IMDb

Image Courtesy: IMDb

  1. When Marnie was There

The movie: When Marnie Was There, a Studio Ghibli drama, follows the story of a little girl named Anna who spends the summer with the enigmatic Marnie. Among Ghibli films not directed by Miyazaki, this is easily among the best. It ended up being nominated for an Oscar Award for Best Animated Film.

Hailee’s role: Steinfeld replaces Sara Takatsuki, the Japanese actress in this English dub. The latter played Anna in the original version of the film. Steinfeld’s first foray into voice acting precedes her critically lauded roles in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Netflix’s Arcane, both of which she voiced.

Hailee Steinfeld stars in first 'Bumblebee' image | EW.com

Image Courtesy: EW.com

  1. Bumblebee

The movie: In Bumblebee, a prequel/spinoff directed by Travis Knight, the Transformers franchise travels to the 1980s, when the eponymous Autobot meets Charlie, a young woman in need of a friend as she bears the agony of her father’s death.

Hailee’s role: Steinfeld has established herself as the actress of choice for troubled teen roles. The fact that she manages to fully commit to the role despite sharing screen time with a CGI robot is what makes this film stand out. She remains unfazed by the blockbuster’s massive scale, whether it’s a booming action sequence or an unexpectedly moving revelation.

My Review of Hailee Steinfeld in Begin Again

Image Courtesy: Forever Starlet

  1. Begin Again

The movie: In the musical dramedy Begin Again, Keira Knightley plays a freshly cheating singer-songwriter named Gretta. Mark Ruffalo plays a washed-up music executive named Dan. Together, they attempt to create an album that is both artistically and commercially genuine.

Hailee’s role: Steinfeld’s performance plays Violet, Dan’s rebellious daughter, who becomes tired of her father’s drunken accidents. Begin Again is another great addition to her canon of performances as defiant teenagers. The film’s climax, in which Violet joins the band on guitar to play “Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home,” is a preview of what’s to come.

The Homesman (2014)

Image Courtesy: IMDb

  1. Homesman

The movie: Tommy Lee Jones, who plays the title role in the film, is also the writer and director of the film. It is based on the same name novel by Glendon Swarthout. Steinfeld appears briefly in the film’s conclusion as maid Tabitha Hutchinson, but her part is rather insignificant.

Hailee’s role: While Steinfeld may only be in a few scenes, she is a part of an all-star cast. Steinfeld stars alongside Tommy Lee Jones (writer/director/star), Hilary Swank (co-star), Meryl Streep (co-star), James Spader (co-star), Jesse Plemons (co-star), Tim Blake Nelson (co-star), and John Lithgow (co-star).

Every Celebrity Cameo in Between Two Ferns: The Movie, From Hailee Steinfeld  to Benedict Cumberbatch

Image Courtesy: Decider

  1. Between Two Ferns

The movie: Zach Galifinakis travels the world to collect celebrity interviews in Between Two Ferns. The Movie is a feature-length adaptation of his renowned satirical web series. Hailee Steinfeld, Keanu Reeves, Brie Larson, and Peter Dinklage are just a few famous faces who make cameo appearances in the film.

Hailee’s role: There was also the publication of an episode of Between Two Ferns with an in-depth interview with Steinfeld to coincide with the film’s premiere. In this situation, Hailee takes the straight-man role to host Galifinakis’s flippant one. It’s one of the strangers and sillier works in Steinfeld’s canon, thanks largely to the eccentric humor and timing of Zach Galifinakis.

The Keeping Room movie review (2015) | Roger Ebert

Image Courtesy: Roger Ebert

  1. The Keeping Room

The movie: The Keeping Room is a Civil War-era drama about three women who, with the males away fighting, must work together to keep their home afloat. In the film, Louise, the younger sister of Augusta (Britt Marling), is played by Steinfeld.

Hailee’s role: Somehow, this independent play by Steinfeld has become one of her most neglected works. Although The Keeping Room was released long after Steinfeld’s breakthrough in True Grit and well before her leading appearance in the Apple TV+ series Dickinson, it gives fans who have been craving more of Steinfeld in a Civil War period piece another chance to do so.

Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

Image Courtesy: IMDb

  1. Pitch Perfect 2

The movie: In Pitch Perfect 2, Steinfeld makes her series debut. As Emily Junk, she portrays a freshman composer who, like her mom before her, decides to join the Bellas. The high point comes when she performs “Flashlight,” arguably the best song from the Pitch Perfect films.

Hailee’s role: Infusing Emily with buoyant happiness, Steinfeld proves her mettle as an actress, singer, and dancer. Soon after the movie came out, she got a record deal and started a new career as a pop singer. Her debut EP, titled Haiz, was scheduled for release by the year’s end.



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