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Top Gun Producer Explains How Tom Cruise’s Maverick Overcame Marvel & DC

by Clover Shaw
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Jerry Bruckheimer, Top Gun: Maverick producer, happily explained how his movie left behind Marvel and DC films in profit and success. Bruckheimer has remained a massively-successful player in Hollywood for decades. His fame and success are not only limited to Top Gun and its sequel. Bruckheimer has adorned Hollywood with many other legendary movies. His hit projects include National Treasure, Beverly Hills Cop, Pirates of the Caribbean, National Treasure, and Bad Boys.

When it comes to Top Gun: Maverick, the movie has been a tremendous success. For many, the outcome was quite surprising due to the 35-year gap between its original movie and the sequel. Joseph Kosinski helmed the project with Tom Cruise in the lead role. Previously, they both worked together on successful projects like Oblivion. Top Gun: Maverick outcome was not only unexpected, but it went beyond to surpass even the Marvel and DC films. Avengers: Infinity War made a worldwide box office total of $1.4 billion and became the sixth top-grossing movie domestically. However, Tom cruise’s Maverick flew past Infinity Wars along with DC films like Aquaman and the recent Batman movie. All in all, Maverick has taken over the crown from comic-book movies for the first time in decades.

Top Gun: Maverick' Review: Will This Stuff Still Fly? - The New York Times

Image Courtesy: The New York Times

Bruckheimer opened up about the Maverick’s success in his recent interview with EW. He proudly compared his Top Gun baby with DC and Marvel’s comic-book films. He further explained how viewers “have seen so much CGI” in past years. According to his viewpoint, while it is not that bad, showing something of the actual world I s a real deal. And it is what the Maverick is all about.

Tom Cruise has done his part in making the movie stand among the top positions at the global box office. Maverick will hit the streaming platforms and Blu-ray on August 23 this year. It will certainly solidify the movie’s position to break home video records.

Currently, the movie is at a total of $683 million domestically. Critics say that if Maverick stays in theatre for some more time, it has the potential to surpass Black Panther. Black Panther has earned $700 million and is enjoying its position as the top 5th high-grossing movie. Avatar is another milestone to cross, sitting at $760 million. Producers and stakeholders believe that Maverick has the potential to top out these movies if it stays on the big screen for a longer time. We would call it a monumental achievement for Maverick to leave behind the comic-book genre in profit and success.

Ironically, no one expected the Top Gun sequel to be such a massive hit. But now, it is proven that quality can win all battles in Hollywood, particularly when the audience knows what they are watching. We believe that comic-book movies will continue to make a profit and remain in top positions. However, Maverick has opened the doors to more movies like Top Gun to take the box-office crown.

We expect to soon see a third sequel to Top Gun and hopefully without another 35-year break. Meanwhile, perhaps Marvel and DC can learn to let things gestate a while. Seemingly, a little break can escalate a film’s quality, hype, and audience reception. Perhaps churning them out like in an assembly line is getting too much for the comic-book fans. But, honestly, nothing can be predicted about the hardcore Marvel and DC fans worldwide.



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