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Top Sci-fi games of the decade

by John Paul
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Sci-fi games have always been favorite among e-players. However, in the past decade, we have witnessed the growing popularity of grand sci-fi adventure games based on movies, comics, and TV shows. Simultaneously, the developers have notched up their game technology to align with the current market demand. With the new technology, the sci-fi gaming niche is getting bigger and better every day.

The best sci-fi storylines often find the element of humanity in the aliens and promote the idea of the infinite. It is the same in some of the best sci-fi games of this decade. Moreover, we can control our experiences in these games, which make them more adventurous. To pay tribute to the games and make our readers more aware, we list down the decade’s top sci-fi games according to their popularity.

  1. Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 rightly deserves the top position on the list. The 2nd installment has every element of a science fiction adventure that was missing in the first game. BioWare brought out the sequel that was better in every way while adding extra grit and edge to its ensemble characters who live in a fictional version of the Milky Way galaxy.

The original game presented a “utopian” vision of the galaxy. And in the second one, The Empire Strikes Back of this saga. Commander Shepard is defeated, which pushes the hero into even darker corners of space than before.

An intriguing alien faction enslaves and eradicates humanity. In this scenario, its Normandy crew and their shady new benefactor are out to stop humanity’s destruction. BioWare has come up with an epic storyline for the heroes. However, the intimate moments between Shepard and his team of rouges and soldiers are the most impactful part of the game. The final section is particularly special when Shepard must estimate the sacrifices required to save the galaxy. The entire plot is translated through a choice-based unmatched RPG experience which makes it top on the list.

  1. BioShock

BioShock engages its players with strong narration. While the game spotlights a polished horror shooter, the game’s main attraction lies in its unique, failed utopia. The theme and the plot are a rip-off of a pulp science fiction book. The storyline is not just an end-to-end plot but a tapestry of audio logs, political messages, and environmental narration. The developers have weaved all the elements into a fantastic storyline. Each backstory of the characters ties into the plot and mechanics of the game. Furthermore, it reflects the result of a collision between reality and idea.

On the other hand, the theme and plot of this game might feel a little heavy-handed to some players in a contemporary setting. However, BioShock maintains a poignancy through its sci-fi world. Also, the plot twist turns in the interactive medium of technology and its tropes.

  1. Portal 2

Portal has been an ingeniously designed tough act to follow. The gameplay mechanics are fun, but you must handle them cleverly for maximum outcome. The inimitable aesthetic is a bonus, while a morbid sense of humor adds fun to the overall experience. Valve, the developers, have miraculously managed to outdo their first venture by evolving the original physics-based Portal Gun puzzles from Portal 1.

Besides the improvements and fixes, the new additions include Hard Light Bridges, Propulsion and Repulsion Gels, and Redirection Cubes. These elements add more layers to the puzzles.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, it is immaculate on its own. However, the story surpasses players’ expectations, making Portal 2 a true classic. Stephen Merchant has given a fantastic performance as stammering Wheatley. The story becomes more interesting in the third act. The solo campaign, which is essential to play, and the two-player co-op mode are the bonus perks of the game.

The three games on the list have made their mark on gaming history. Those who have played the game can tell why they ended up on the top sci-fi game list. Those who have not yet experienced the adventure must play the games now. We guarantee the fun.



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