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Traverse between God of War Ragnarok, Rick and Morty is an Ad Deserving of Nine realms

by John Paul
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One of our favorites, Rick and Morty in God Of War Ragnarok, teams up for a journey. They go on to the nine Kingdoms for more entertaining action. Interestingly, this latest commercial was aired the same night as Rick and Morty, season 6. It starts with Rich chopping off his hair and painting his face red to resemble Kratos. All before they enter the field of God of War Ragnarok.

When the group of birds attacks Morty, Rick swiftly unlocks the chest. He discovers the Kratos and the Leviathan axe and several undisclosed additions. However, Rick declines to rescue Morty in order to avoid getting blood on the axe. Although Rick discovers the boat, he wouldn’t save Morty because, according to him, he has a big responsibility. Rick informs Morty that he must sail as he can’t endanger the axe getting wet.

One of the biggest upcoming releases of the year would probably be the God of War Ragnorak. Eventually, the wait is over, and the audience will get to see how Atreus has handled becoming a deity, facing up against Thor. If rumors are true, we will even see the mastermind behind everything, Odin. Moreover, we haven’t seen much advertising for the Santa Monica studio’s future title. It’s not like it requires promotion, as we all know how successful it has been for several years. But the marketing team took the initiative and created an Ad, casting the most unexpected pair as a father-son duo.



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