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Umbrella Academy Season 4 Will Have 6 Episodes, Showrunner says

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The Umbrella Academy creator Steve Blackman has stated that there would only be six episodes in season 4. The popular Netflix comedy was renewed for a fourth and final season in August, with the show’s creators saying at the time that they had always intended for four installments. The title of the first episode of Season 4 was announced in November: “The Unbearable Tragedy of Getting What You Want.”

Blackman announced on Twitter that there would only be six episodes in season 4 of The Umbrella Academy, as opposed to the typical 10 episodes per season. Blackman makes this statement in response to complaints from viewers who are upset that the last season of their favorite show will be significantly shorter than the others. Despite the reduced run time, Blackman is confident that fans will like all 10 episodes of Season 4. Read Blackman’s post below:

There are rumors that Season 4 of the Umbrella Academy will only be 6 episodes long, and filming could wrap as early as May 2023.

The Latest on Season 4 of “The Umbrella Academy”

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy left up on a massive cliffhanger, so there’s a lot for Season 4 to cover in just six episodes. The Hargreeves are not only helpless due to their situation in what appears to be an alternate reality, but they are also in a strange place. Although Allison was reunited with her daughter, the rest of their destinies, like Sloane’s, remain unknown. Reginald’s alien background was revealed, and his human wife, Abigail, was introduced in the season three finale.

The Umbrella Academy was initially a very faithful adaptation of Gerard Way’s comic novels, but the program and the comics have now diverged to create their own unique stories. While the first two seasons followed the plots of Apocalypse Suite and Dallas, respectively, Season 3 broke completely away from Hotel Oblivion. As a result, the fate of season 4 of The Umbrella Academy is uncertain, but the show may draw inspiration from Way’s canon.

Blackman’s announcement sparked worries that Season 4 might be much too short. Season 4 was expected to be shorter than prior seasons when it was announced earlier this year, but nobody could have predicted that it would be cut by nearly half. With Blackman’s promise that the final season’s six episodes will be “great,” the reduced episode count could actually work to The Umbrella Academy’s advantage.



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