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Warner Bros. Discovery. pushes back Matt Reeves,’ The Batman 2

by John Paul
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According to a recent report, Warner Bros. Discovery is holding back on Matt Reeves’ The Batman 2. The movie is yet to receive the green light from the authorities. The first Batman had Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Colin Farrell, and Paul Dano on board, with Reeves helming the project. The movie pulled in over $760 million at the box office worldwide. The plot is set in an alternate reality outside the DCEU, the concept making it a standalone film.

In April 2022, former WB head Toby Emmerich brought Reeves on stage during the WB panel at CinemaCon to announce The Batman 2. Reeves showed his gratitude to the theater owners for supporting The Batman. He was also excited to return to an alternate reality for the next chapter. However, Emmerich resigned soon after the event, and WB became WB Discovery after the massive merger. David Zaslav, the new CEO, is bent on shaking things up for the DC franchise. He has seemingly canceled some movies like The Wonder Twins and The Batgirl. He also aims to push forward bigger theatrical features and protect the DC brand.

A recent Variety report indicates an uncertain future for The Batman 2. The movie is still listed as “in development,” waiting for the green signal from WB Discovery. As per the development status, the sequel would be years away. All in all, The Batman 2 now stands uncertain with other projects like Wonder Woman 3, Superman, Static Shock, and Black Canary.

There have been a lot of outcries about Warner Bros’ sudden cancellations. Discovery has yet to reveal details about the projects that will be pursued. We expect many more announcements from Warner Bros. Discovery regarding its strategy to develop a 10-year plan and take a Kevin Feige-esque leader onboard for the IP. A DC FanDome is still possible, which usually takes place in October. This allows the new brass to outline their plans for DC and excite an anxious audience curious about the DCEU’s future.

People often get confused about the phrases ‘In development’ and greenlight. So, it’s important to know that development means the movie is getting ready to go for a greenlight. They don’t have it yet. Reeves and his crew will surely put together something for The Batman 2 to get it approved. However, it doesn’t seem to be moving fast enough. Reeves stated before that he doesn’t want to rush the sequel to The Batman, so this will not affect his progress on the film. It is still in the scripting stage, and there will be some progress soon. Warner Bros. Discovery can ease some of the anxiety caused by the film not being on the books by revealing their plans as soon as possible.



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