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Warner Bros. Discovery saves Batman 2 from its Purge campaign.

by John Paul
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There is good news for Batman fans out there. Warner Bros. Discovery gave the green light to the project, so the Batman 2 development is moving ahead. It seemingly puts to rest all the concerns regarding the cancellation or delay of the movie. The news is a relief for those who were already skeptical about Batman 2. Until now, nothing was certain due to the huge changes and decisions at Warner Bros. Discovery.

Deadline article says that Reeves is getting a multi-year film deal. Seemingly, he is set to collaborate with co-writer Mattson Tomlin to work on this sequel project. Robert Pattinson is reportedly returning to play the title character.

We assume that The Batman 2 is too significant and big for Warner Bros Discovery to cancel. The original movie racked up a global gross of over $770 million. On the other hand, let’s consider that WB. Discovery is on a hunt to find its own version of Kevin Feige to reboot the DCEU. In that case, they might not have room to accommodate Reeves’ Batman version. Either way, we can see The Batman 2 “years away.”

Viewers liked The Batman earlier this year. For some fans, Matt Reeves’ thrilling, violent, darkly beautiful approach to the Batman character deserves a place in the DCEU canon. Although we are now hoping to see Batman 2 on the big screen, unfortunately, we cannot say the same for other Bat movies. They have been less fortunate since WB. Discovery unexpectedly canceled them along with much-anticipated, the Batgirl.

Meanwhile, sources have formally confirmed Joker: Folie à Deux, starring Lady Gaga in a led role. The project is set to premiere in October 2024.



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