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What dragons to expect in the HOTD finale episode

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House of the Dragon’s trailer for episode 10 teases every conceivable storyline until the conclusion of season 1 and beyond, promising a massive series finale. In addition, the ninth episode of House of the Dragon took place entirely within Kings Landing, a rarity since the death of King Viserys.

The preview for the season one finale of House of the Dragon hints at several things, including the continuation of the show’s story and the adaptation of further elements from the GOT spinoff book Fire & Blood.

As for the mythological monsters that are the hallmark of House of Dragons have not been given a significant amount of screen time so far in the show’s first season. However, there’s no disputing that dragons still have a fair share of appearances in this HBO series.

From Vhagar to Syrax, House of the Dragon has spotlighted more dragons in its first nine episodes than its HBO parent series, Game of Thrones, ever did. In fact, HOD has featured more dragons, from Vhagar to Syrax, in its first nine episodes than Game of Thrones did in its entire run over HBO.

Now with the season’s finale on the horizon, fans are eager to see which of their favorite and new dragons will adorn the show. Deducing from trailers and teasers, we have listed some of the beasts we might see in the HOTD finale episode.

Rhaenys escapade on Meleys

In the last moments of episode 9, Princess Rhaenys Targaryen managed to escape from the hands of the greens. Once Viserys died, Rhaenys was put under house imprisonment until she swore homage to Aegon. But with the aid of Ser Erryk Cargyll, she made her way to the Dragon Pit and hid out there. There, we might see her mounting her dragon, Meleys, flying away from Kings Landing to interrupt Aegon’s coronation.

Lucerys atop Arrax

The preview for episode 10 of House of the Dragon depicts Lucerys as one of Rhaenyra’s envoys in one scene. It shows the young Velaryon riding his dragon Arrax over a stormy sky. Lucerys’s trip to Storm’s End to enlist Borros Baratheon’s help was depicted as taking place in the midst of a relentless storm in Fire & Blood. This demonstrates that the visit and the icy reunion of Lucerys and Aemond Targaryen will be featured in House of the Dragon. Since Rhaenyra thought it would be safe to send Lucerys on this errand, she did so. However, neither Rhaenyra nor Lucerys had anticipated Aemond’s journey to the seat of House Baratheon. Now we have to see how Arrax plays his role in making the trip successful or a failure for Lucerays.

Vhagar on the Green’s side

The teaser for episode 10 of House of the Dragon shows that the blacks are getting ready for battle in another way: by obtaining more dragons. According to Fire & Blood, the shortage of Dragonriders among the blacks was one of Rhaenyra’s primary concerns at the start of the Dance of Dragons. Especially because Vhagar, the big she-monster, is at the side of the greens. The finale of House of the Dragon might feature the fan-favorite Vhagar prominently.

Vermithor the Bronze Fury

In the final teaser, Daemon is seen trying to tame a dragon that could be used by the blacks. Potentially this dragon is Vermithor, also known as the Bronze Fury. At the time of HOD, Vermithor is second only to Vhagar as the largest dragon in all of Westeros. During his reign, King Jaehaerys rode Vermithor, but after his death, the beast was abandoned. Afterward, Vermithor ran away to Dragonstone, where he lived by himself. In the upcoming episode 10 of House of the Dragon, Daemon might make an effort to gain Vermithor’s favor to utilize him as a weapon in the impending war.

Sheepstealer, the Grey Ghost, and The Cannibal, the newbie beasts

It is mentioned in Fire & Blood that there were three wild dragons on Dragonstone at the start of the Dance of the Dragons. The first two were called Sheepstealer and the Grey Ghost. The third was called The Cannibal since it fed on newborns, dead dragons, and dragon eggs.

The Cannibal was a dark dragon with emerald orbs for eyes. In the Episode 10 trailer, Daemon approaches a dragon, but its exact color and appearance are not clearly seen. Still, its erratic, crooked fangs make it appear even more threatening than many of the other dragons presented in the season so far.

The significance of the Cannibal

The Cannibal, as stated in Fire & Blood, never formed a bonding with any of his riders. Therefore, if Daemon decides to go after the creature in Episode 10, we can expect nothing significant to come of it.

However, the Dance of the Dragons is not expected to start until Episode 10. If that’s the case, it would make sense for the Cannibal to get some screen time in this episode. After all, the Targaryens and their dragons start killing each other at the beginning of the battle known as “The Dance.”

Introducing a dragon known for eating its own kind is a great method to symbolically anticipate future events.

Whether or not the dragon in the trailer is the Cannibal will not be revealed to readers of Fire & Blood until the release of House of the Dragon Episode 10. This dragon could be any of several famous ones, including Vermithor.

If it is the Cannibal, House of the Dragon will surprise its audience with a brand-new type of dragon.

Vhagar & Arrax Combat

The trailer for episode 10 of House of the Dragon teases that a decisive battle will be fought, changing the course of Westeros forever. Vhagar, Aemond’s dragon, is featured in this image, which is connected to their trip to Storm’s End and a showdown with Lucerys. This image of Vhagar in full attack mode bodes ill for Lucerys Velaryon if the visit of Storm’s End is allowed to play out in its entirety in the season 1 finale.

The trip to Storm’s End in Fire & Blood quickly becomes violent, with Aemond and Vhagar following Lucerys and Arrax until the one-eyed prince exacts his long-held revenge on his nephew by killing both of them. The consequences of this catch and chase between Vhagar and Arrax will determine the beginning of the Dance of Dragons, which House of the Dragon’s future seasons will focus on in its entirety.



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