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When Did Andor Occur In Star Wars Universe?

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It’s challenging to keep an eye on the universe so distant and growing randomly with no chronological order – mainly when the universe employs its own system for calculating time, which is challenging to apply in practice. However, Disney always provides the necessary information. Like in the Andor series, the lead character is Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) – a well-known figure among fans thanks to his role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Well, the series’ overarching chronology can be established just by having a recognizable character, yet that’s not the only factor in this instance.

If we talk about the opening scene of this recent entry in the Star War Saga – the intertitle appears to inform the audience that it is the year 5 BBY. Indeed, comprehending what it implies is an entirely different story. Once you grasp the concept, it’s simple to see how things fit. 


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What Does BBY Mean?

To comprehend the date, you must know what BBY means. “Before the Battle of Yavin” is what it means. In the Saga, dates are calculated concerning this occasion. So, every date will follow BBY or ABY (after the Battle of Yavin). Two things make this the focal point of the timeline. One: It was a turning point in the Star Wars universe. And two: Regardless of whether they considered it or not, all fans know about it.

The Battle of Yavin occurs in the first Star Wars movie, Star Wars: A New Hope. The Battle of the Death Star is another, more evocative name for it. This battle concluded when Luke Skywalker(Mark Hamill) disrupted the Death Star for the rebels. And the battle of Yavin took place in the land called Yavin. There are many explanations for why Yavin should be the preferred name. The Rebel ground from which the champions took off was on a moon named Yavin 4.

Additionally, the events of Andor happened five years before these, establishing a particular time frame between the original trilogy and the sequels. But today, a lot of Star Wars media is set during that era; how does Andor fit into that?

Diego Luna says 'Andor' will be the end of him playing Cassian | EW.com

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What Time Period Does “Andor” Take Place Relative To “Rogue One”?

Since they both have a leading man in common, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is undoubtedly the most closely related to the new series. Andor started five years before Cassian was first introduced to the universe, as the happenings of Rogue One occurred in 0 BBY. Cassian has a long way to go before becoming the fervent rebel from Rogue One – and the show will follow him on that trip. It is uncertain how much time the upcoming season of Andor will capture. But it will take place in the five years prior to Rogue One. Additionally, Season 2 has already been confirmed, and that post-credit scene shows that the Death Star is being built.

Remarkably, 5 BBY also marks Jyn Erso’s (Felicity Jones) final encounter with Saw Gerrera before the crucial moments of Rogue One. Their connection launches Rogue One and brings Jyn and Cassian together. Whereas their ideologies regarding the emerging rebellion, Saw Gerrera is pictured in several episodes of Andor – as a friend of Stellan Skarsgard’s Luthen Rael. However, don’t presume to see Jyn with him because their relationship has since broken down, as mentioned in the canonical book – Star Wars: Rebel Rising by Beth Revis.

Andor' is the Star Wars series you've been waiting for : Pop Culture Happy  Hour : NPR

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What Other Significant Star Wars Events Happen, And When?

If you would like to know how Andor is related to other recent shows, it’s crucial to remember Obi-Wan Kenobi – the final Star Wars takes place 4 years prior to Andor, during the year 9 BBY – and pursues Ewan McGregor’s character on a recovery quest across the universe. Given that Kenobi must remain alone, it is improbable that the two series will ever overlap. However, it does demonstrate the Empire’s strength in the years preceding Andor.

One other Star Wars story that takes place during this period is Solo: A Star Wars Story. Although the exact year is unclear, judging by Han Solo’s (Alden Ehrenreich) age, it must be around 10 BBY. Again, there is no chance that the characters or the events will cross paths. It gives background information on the larger Andoran universe and Cassian’s early life.

It is true that Star Wars: Rebels, the animated series, and Andor are both on the same timeline. While Cassian decides to join the revolts – the young robber Ezra Bridger (Taylor Gray) is off in the far stretches of the universe entering the team of the dead. This correlation also aids in understanding the rebel’s situation during Andor. The conflict is just starting, as Star Wars: Rebels has demonstrated. They are still figuring out how to cooperate and form an organized movement 14 years after the Empire rose, making progress. 

Despite their small number, they are rapidly approaching a point where they will seriously threaten the Dynasty. There are more recognizable faces because Andor has expanded on the rebel’s outset and will do so during Season 2. Also, Galactic Senator Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly) makes an appearance in the series, much as Saw Gerrera did.

Andor Character Guide: Meet The Cast Of The Rogue One Prequel Series

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When Do Cassian Andor’s Flashbacks Take Place?

Cassian’s early years are referenced in flashback scenes in the three initial episodes of Andor. Although the date is not stated explicitly, it is simple to estimate the timeframe given what’s been known about Cassian. As per Rogue One, Cassian should be 26 years old, which means in Andor, he is 21. Young Cassian, or Kassa (Antonio Via), appears to be around 11 years old, so the flashbacks actually occur ten years before the series. This dates the flashbacks to approximately 15 BBY, so while Cassian’s age was perhaps altered for the series because not all of the info in Rogue One looks accurate. 

As there’s just one season released till now, Tony Gilroy will likely reveal more about Cassian’s origin story. Until then, fans must wait for the next season to know more about it. Disney+ presently has Andor’s season 1 for streaming, and a release date for Season 2 has not yet been set.



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