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World Of Warcraft Players Can Tell Their Legends on Twitter

by John Paul
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World of Warcraft has launched a new Twitter campaign that gives users access to their character’s complete history, allowing for nostalgic character reflection. Since its launch in 2004, World of Warcraft has amassed an extraordinary player base. Many gamers continue to play through the game’s eight major expansions. Developer Blizzard is looking back on past escapades as they prepare to release the next big expansion for World of Warcraft on November 28. This expansion is called Dragonflight.

The World of Warcraft Twitter account made the announcement that Blizzard would be introducing the #WarcraftStory hashtag in conjunction with Twitter’s internal brand marketing team, Twitter Next. All of a player’s WoW data, including their ranks and reputation, will be viewable through this campaign. In addition, when they tweet with the #WarcraftStory hashtag, they’ll gain access to a narrative history of their in-game character that goes beyond basic statistics. Players who want in must also tweet using the hashtag #Warcraft and give their character’s name, realm, and location. Additional content can be unlocked for those eager for more by continuing to react to the initial tweet.

These Twitter campaigns and other initiatives to get players pumped up for Dragonflight (like giving away one of WoW’s rarest mounts) are tailor-made for the game’s extensive backstory and dedicated player community. Many players have been with the game for years and have seen all the expansions. Thus exploring their character’s past in this game offers a wealth of content unavailable in most others. While other MMOs, including Final Fantasy 14, have emerged as legitimate competitors, World of Warcraft is capitalizing on its remarkable longevity to generate buzz for the upcoming release of Dragonflight.

The longevity of World of Warcraft is astounding, but the imminent release of Dragonflight promises to bring more to the table than just nostalgia. Even as its players use the hashtag to reflect on the game’s history, Dragonflight’s introduction of a new race/class combination, new zones, and numerous changes to features like skills and UI offer a promising glimpse at the game’s future. In addition, launch plans for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight provides gamers an idea of when to expect key events leading up to the expansion’s release.

Since Dragonflight is soon to be released, the #WarcraftStory hashtag could be a major factor in generating excitement among World of Warcraft’s player population. The new material and tweaks to existing systems in Dragonflight bode well for the expansion. While waiting for World of Warcraft to launch, gamers can look back at the game’s history using the #WarcraftStory hashtag on Twitter.



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