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Zayn Malik steps up to support struggling parents.

by John Paul
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Zayn Malik sends a personal appeal to the British government on behalf of financially struggling parents. The former One Direction member wrote to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, urging him to “act in good conscience” and allot funds for free school lunches to cater to poor children before the Nov. 17 budget deadline. The issue is close to 29-years-old Zayn as he relied on “Free School Meals” while growing up in Bradford. He wrote:

“”I know what that shame feels like. I have seen it firsthand. I personally experienced the stigma surrounding food insecurity. My hope is that in writing this letter, we can all ensure that no child ever has to experience this hunger and stigma again, as my experience is not unique. It is a struggle that many children in England are sadly going through right now.”

Malik, who had a daughter Khai with ex-Gigi Hadid in 2020, understands caring for a family. His letter reflects the same:

“Knowing that their children are getting a good lunch at school would be a huge relief to parents who are struggling.”

He also wrote:

“No parent should have to make impossible decisions like whether to buy food, turn on the heating, or go into debt.”

The “Pillowtalk” singer underlined the significance of preserving children’s physical and emotional health in his letter, which seems to resonate with the artist after he and Hadid decided to peacefully co-parent their daughter after their 2021 divorce.

Malik argued that providing children with lunch at school would save them from the effects of their families’ financial crisis. He said in the letter:

“Stop children from enduring the worst of the cost-of-living crisis, which in turn only creates bigger divides between the richest and poorest. Free School Meals are such a big help for the poorest children in our society, and they guarantee a reliably hot, nutritious lunch every day at school. So, children can thrive rather than worrying about where their next meal comes from.”

Zayn Malik’s fans are proud of the step that he has taken to give voice to struggling parents. We hope his voice is acknowledged and addressed to promote the provision of free meals to students from less-privileged families.



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